Video of The Camels With Hammers Show Ohio Holocaust Memorial Special

Video of The Camels With Hammers Show Ohio Holocaust Memorial Special August 1, 2013

Or watch this other version (they’re identical) if that one doesn’t work for you.

Last night I sat down with a number of atheist activists, including the PR director for American Atheists, to discuss the FFRF letter opposing the proposed design for a Holocaust memorial in Ohio on statehouse grounds. In my opinion, it was an extraordinary, balanced, insightful, and brisk debate that should expand anyone’s view of the issue, no matter what side they on. I’ll say more soon and hope to have a transcript available very quickly. The video is long but I really think it is worth it to anyone who cares about church and state separation. Please share it around. In the comments section, please put timestamps of moments that you think casual viewers should especially pay attention to.

Finally, let me earnestly thank all the participants for their rigor, their passion, their clarity, their thoughtfulness, their willingness to listen to one another, and their civility. I am very proud of what we did together here. This was a model of how I envision a rationalist, freethought movement should work out its internal differences and come to wise decisions, and that was ultimately their doing, not mine. And let me give immense thanks to Bobby Struck and Alex Songe for helping me with the logistics behind the scenes to make this whole event go off without a hitch.

UPDATE: There is now a transcript for the video.

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