Kidnapped for Christ

Kidnapped for Christ December 1, 2013

Christian homophobia combined with sadistic Christian authoritarian fetishism of “discipline” leads to this:

The Kickstarter to help finish this documentary is here. From the Kickstarter,

Kidnapped for Christ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were taken from their homes and sent to an Evangelical Christian reform school known as Escuela Caribe located in the Dominican Republic. The school is run by Americans and is advertised as a “therapeutic Christian boarding school” whose mission is to “help struggling youth transform into healthy Christian adults.” In reality, this school employed classic brainwashing techniques to break down and rebuild its students.

Relatedly, Stephen Fry recently interviewed the founder of NARTH, Dr Joseph Nicolosi, who tries to turn young gay people straight, and one of his former patients, Daniel Gonzales.

And this week, I also published a transcript and video excerpt with John Hazlet, a gay former monk (still in the monastery at the time of the interview) in which he explained why he thought gay reparative therapy is a destructive option.

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