The Partially Examined Nietzsche

The Partially Examined Nietzsche January 25, 2014

The Partially Examined Life is a very fun philosophy podcast. It’s high energy and has the atmosphere of cool guys with enthusiasm for the subject digging into what they’ve been reading lately. They did an episode on Nietzsche recently and I put it on in the background one night and listened to about half of it and very much enjoyed it. I have been holding off on posting about it because I thought I should go through and explain any differences I have with their interpretation, but now that I’m on vacation this weekend and don’t have time to blog, I figured what I heard is certainly good enough to recommend in the meantime. I’ll come back to it if I ever have a chance to treat it with a fine toothed comb. Take a listen. You can go here to find the full text of The Gay Science, which they’re discussing in specific in this podcast.

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