Read John Shook Now On Patheos!

Read John Shook Now On Patheos! February 1, 2014

I am elated to announce that John Shook is now blogging here at Patheos on the atheism channel with a blog called This Secular Life. We just keep getting stronger and stronger. John is another professional philosopher who is civil and trenchant in his challenges to religious belief. My few personal interactions and chances to watch him on video show him to be personally very friendly.

However infuriating and false a lot of what gets said on the religious channels of Patheos may be, Patheos has chosen time and again many of the internet atheists who do the most quality work discussing religion. If you don’t already read all my neighbors here do yourself a favor and just start clicking around more often to see what you’re missing, starting today with John Shook’s new This Secular Life blog. We now have six philosophy blogs in particular. In addition to John’s blog and my blog we have James Croft’s Temple of the Future, Chris Hallquist’s The Uncredible Hallquist, Kylie Sturgess’s The Token Skepticand the Jeffry Jay Lowder led group blog Secular Outpost.

And if you want a fantastic book philosophically introducing and analyzing a wide range points of contention between atheists and (predominantly Christian) theists, read John’s book The God Debates: A 21st Century Guide for Atheists and Believers (and Everyone in Between). I used it as a textbook in two Philosophy of Religion courses. Not only did it provide meat and potato introductions to the major topics, it also managed to stimulate my own thinking with numerous helpful arguments and ways of framing and categorizing ideas. It’s a spectacular book for laypeople and philosophers alike.

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