Stream and Comment Upon the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Discussion Here

Stream and Comment Upon the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Discussion Here February 4, 2014

UPDATE: Below is the video of last night’s completed discussion of creationism between Ken Ham and Billy Nye:

Hey everyone. Here’s the link to where you will be able to stream the discussion of evolution and creationism tonight between Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham The Not Science But Creationism Instead Guy.

Please consider opening up this page in a second window and, as you watch, commenting with your thoughts on the proceedings.

Please remember, at least in discussions on this blog, not to treat people abusively, including the participants, but to criticize their positions vigorously on the merits and to make negative inferences about character precise, civil, non-abusive, and evidence-based. So, you may make charges of dishonesty, ignorance of facts, apparently willful distortion of facts, bias, closed-mindedness, evasive, unqualified, rude, condescending, etc., but not charges of being “stupid”, “a retardad”, “a douchebag”, “an assholenes”, “a creotard”, etc.

In case you don’t understand why I’m saying this or agree with this policy please read “But Aren’t Some People Actually Stupid”, and/or How I’d Answer The Charge That Atheists Call Believers Stupid Too Often, and/or Stop Calling People Stupid.

Your Thoughts?

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