The No God Cast

The No God Cast April 7, 2014

Tanner Campbell is the host of The No God Castwhich has 30,000 subscribers, and the founder of Secularite.  In the last year Tanner has poured his life and his resources into pushing the envelope of secular media. It is thanks to Tanner that you can go to Secular.FM at anytime and listen to secular podcasts that stream 24/7. (When I finally finish editing the first episodes of my new podcast Hammering Out Ethics with Dan Fincke it will join that rotation!) He has also started Secularite, which provides a digital magazine for app users (and which runs a monthly column from me), and where my Empowerment Ethics blog is hosted. Last month, Tanner’s Secular.FM ran a 24 hour podcast-a-thon to raise money for Foundation Beyond Belief. He also drove a few hours to my house one day just to set up my podcasting equipment and teach me how to use it. He’s a good egg and a good friend. He is doing his damnedest to help this community through media innovation. And now he’s asking for some help to upgrade his whole podcast and take it to the next level of quality:

A lot of people in this movement (including me–support me here) pour a ton of labor for little monetary support to provide the secular community with resources. Tanner is one of us. Please consider investing in his efforts to get high quality production values to his secular podcast. Since his is an Indiegogo campaign, there are even rewards involved. You can advertise to his listeners on his show.

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