Important Schedule Changes For My Summer Online Classes

Important Schedule Changes For My Summer Online Classes May 26, 2014

As many readers know by now, I teach online philosophy classes available to the public. The classes are non-matriculated (i.e., there’s no college credit for taking them). They are a chance to get very individualized attention from me. The classes I run on my own, completely independently of any university or program are done using Google Hangout. That means they are video-conferenced classes wherein I teach small groups of students (anywhere between 1 and 5 in a class, typically) face to face. Classes are discussion based. They have a basic game plan each period and then through conversation, the students and I go wherever our interests organically lead. They’re a blast for me to teach and the feedback from students has been extremely positive.

This summer, I opted to add a new class to the schedule in conjunction with a different class I’ll be teaching June only under someone else’s auspices. In order to accommodate the people who might be only available in the summer, I switched the schedule of potential offerings to feature lots of twice-weekly classes, instead of my usual once weekly classes, and set the classes run for just the summer so that people could fit them in.

This didn’t fit anyone’s schedules. SO, I am setting things back and rearranging the schedule differently. What I am going to do for those people who want to cram a whole class into the summer is have just once weekly classes like students have been enjoying so far, but expand the timeframe for each class session from the usual 2.5 hours to 3 hours for those who want to do more per session and be done in 13 weeks/3months. If anyone would still like to do only 2.5 hours, or even just 2 hours a week, I can accommodate that too and they can just come for more weeks.

So, below is the revised classes schedule. Classes with an asterisk (*) currently have students participating. You can still join any week and get a full class experience not having “missed” anything, because anything I’ve already done with existing students I’ll do for you too eventually. Either with them too but in a different way that is fresh for them, or after they leave the class. You can join the ongoing, preexisting classes for a block of weeks, anytime year round. Classes with two asterisks (**) will start fresh as soon as there is a student who wants to take that class at that time.

To sign up just write me at Also don’t hesitate to write me with any questions you have. For information on course content and prices, please see the regularly updated permanent page about the classes. Write me for clarifications of anything still confusing.


Sundays @ 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Sundays @ 7pm-10pm Eastern Time**
Saturdays @ 12pm-3pm Eastern Time**
Mondays @ 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Mondays @ 8pm-11pm Eastern Time**
Thursdays 6am-9am Eastern Time**
Thursdays @1pm-4pm Eastern Time**
Fridays @9am-12pm Eastern Time**

To express interest in this class please write me at

PHILOSOPHY FOR ATHEISTS: Year-Round, Once-Weekly Class Times 

Sundays 12pm-2:30pm Eastern Time*
Tuesdays 6am-9am Eastern Time**
Tuesdays 3pm-6pm Eastern Time**
Tuesdays 11pm-1am Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 8-10:30pm Eastern Time*
Thursdays 5pm-8pm Eastern Time**
Fridays 8pm-11pm Eastern Time**

To express interest in this class please write me at

ETHICS: Year-Round, Once-Weekly Class Times 

Sundays 4pm-7pm Eastern Time**
Mondays 6am-9am Eastern Time**
Mondays 3pm-5:30pm Eastern Time*
Mondays 11pm-2am Eastern Time**
Tuesdays 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Tuesdays 8pm-11pm Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 12pm-3pm Eastern Time**
Thursdays 11pm-2am Eastern Time**
Fridays 2pm-5pm Eastern Time**
Fridays 11pm-2am Eastern Time**
Saturdays 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Saturdays 8pm-11pm Eastern Time**

To express interest in this class please write me at


Sundays 10pm-1am Eastern Time**
Tuesdays 12pm-3pm Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 6am-9am Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 3pm-6pm Eastern Time**
Wednesdays 11pm-2am Eastern Time**
Thursdays 9am-12pm Eastern Time**
Thursdays 8pm-11pm Eastern Time*
Fridays 5pm-8pm Eastern Time**
Saturdays 3pm-6pm Eastern Time**

To express interest in this class please write me at

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