Join Me In The 5th Circle of Atheist Hell

Join Me In The 5th Circle of Atheist Hell May 12, 2014

Andrew at Laughing At Purgatory explains my place in the fifth ring of atheist hell:

Fifth Ring of Hell: Other Atheists

Some may have issue with my placing other of the godless so deep in the 9 Rings. Are other atheists have really as bad as living in the Bible belt or worse than having to listen to Black preachers talk about the evils of Adam and Steve buying a cute Colonial home where they place their colorful flowers in window boxes?

Yes, and I’ll tell you why.

No one can irritate you like family. This basic principle goes for countries as well as those that share a close bond blood. Look at the American Civil War. Brother fought brother, and it was the deadliest war in US history. What really aggravates intra-group conflict is the assumption held by both sides is that Those other people know better!   This fuels intense dislike because there is a deep sense of betrayal of core values that are supposedly shared.

This Ring of Hell is tailored for the individual atheist. For those who hate Dan Fincke’s Civility Pledge their torment would have Dan calmly expounding its virtues in the most long winded of fashions (this is Hell, after all, and there is no need for a tormentor to stop for a breath). Perhaps your Hell would have PZ Myers, well, being PZ Myers. Or maybe it would be Chris Stedman reading his book Faitheist on and on and on.

Personally speaking, I can only aspire to be so nefarious to rank in such company.

In the past I resented being told I’m going to hell, even the relatively abstract versions. But now I’m kind of looking forward to it, now that I know I’ll be able to talk about my ideas there after all! So, see you there! (That is, unless you wind up in one of the other eight rings.)

Your Hell?

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