Exclusively Read My Systematic Take on the God Debates

Exclusively Read My Systematic Take on the God Debates June 4, 2014

Sunday I started writing and posting my essays for my new all-written, online-forum style class on the existence of God, and participating in the forum with the students there. It’s been fantastic so far. I’ve never been one to write out my lectures before speaking them before so this written only forum is allowing me to systematically write out what I would normally just speak extemporaneously. I am developing essay by essay my comprehensive take on the arguments for and against the existence of God, with the kind of order and academic thoroughness that I save for classrooms rather than the blog (except in my “Empowerment Ethics” posts). It’s basically going to wind up the equivalent of what I would say were I to actually write a book on my take on what at stake in all the major God arguments.

To read these exclusive essays and participate commenting along with my already very actively engaged students and get my feedback on Your Thoughts in response to it all, follow this link and sign up as soon as possible. The deadline is tomorrow, Thursday June 5. The price is only $59.

I’ll still be writing here of course, as much as I can, but at least half my essays this month will be for the class, so don’t miss out.

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