Today is the International Day of Doubt–Here’s How You Participate

Today is the International Day of Doubt–Here’s How You Participate June 1, 2014

Last year was the first International Day of Doubt and I was very gratified by participating. I actually had a couple people contact me and I was able to help them. If you’re the kind of atheist who is or can be open about your disbelief, it’s really vital that others who are afraid to come forward or who think they’re alone discover that you’re out there.

So, please consider going to Facebook right now and posting the following as your status update:

Friends, if you no longer believe or are struggling with your faith, you are NOT alone. Many people have been where you are. Please send me a private message if you would like to talk about your doubts. I will keep your information and our conversation private, and I will do my best to answer your questions and provide support and resources to you as my friend. If you aren’t comfortable messaging me, please consider visiting the Facebook page of Recovering From Religion and asking your question there, either publicly on their wall or via confidential private message.

The official page for the day is here, with more advice and reasons for the event. Tell your fellow unabashedly freethinking friends. They also recommend that you set your post to “public” rather than let it default to only “friends” if that’s your usual default. It’s up to you how open you want to be, but if you’re open to be that public, you might just draw people outside your immediate friend circle and be a safe person to them.

If you’re a doubter or recent apostate yourself, I highly recommend you explore the Recovering From Religion website. I also offer philosophical advice services online and philosophy classes online and love working with people in your shoes, having been there myself. You can also friend me on Facebook.

And, for what it’s worth, here is my plea to doubters to let go of all the negative messaging and shaming that they have internalized and be proud of themselves as doubters, in case you want something else to share with those who need some encouragement: A Post For The Agnostic or Apostate Who Still Misses God.

Your Thoughts?

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