Water Up To The Statue Of Liberty’s Elbow

Water Up To The Statue Of Liberty’s Elbow June 6, 2014

In recent weeks, it’s been descriptions of what is projected to happen to my beloved home, New York City, that have really helped me to understand the threat of climate change in a way that hits home with me. In this context, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s interview about climate denialism, creationism, and the religious and political barriers to getting people to accept scientific truths was right up my alley.

Personally, I think one of the most valuable strategies that we can employ in getting people to understand the potential devastation of climate change is to tailor messaging about its impacts locally. Have a website where you can search any location in the world and read about threats to it. Have local organizations and media created tailored to the specific threats in each particular place. It has to hit home with people exactly what is at stake.

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