Accessible Philosophy For Everyone

Accessible Philosophy For Everyone August 13, 2014

As promised, on Sunday I went on the radio show Atheists Talk to discuss the value of philosophy, the role of philosophy in my own life, my views on several philosophical issues, and my efforts to make philosophy accessible through my online classes. Mike Haubrich, who invited me on the show and interviewed me, and Brianne Bilyeu were very gracious hosts. Before interviewing me, Mike sat in on one of my classes and to my surprise he liked it enough that at the end he said he’d be signing up for the fall!

The interview is now available to stream. I don’t have a permalink for future reference but you can stream the show, titled “Accessible Philosophy for Everyone” and dated August 10, permanently here or download it from iTunes at any time now or in the future here.

My brand new personal website with pages specifically devoted to each class is up now too! A whole new slate of classes (including some with new topics) start in September and you can self-register straight on the website now when you find the class and time that works best for you. Start with the introductory page explaining how the classes work and then click the banners below now to witness the full power of this fully armed and operational website!




My online classes involve live, interactive class discussions with me and your fellow students held over videoconference (using Google Hangout, which downloads in just seconds). Classes involve personalized attention to your own ideas and questions. Course content winds up tailored to your interests as lively and rigorous class discussions determine where exactly we go. Classes are flexible enough to meet the needs of both beginners and students with existing philosophical background

My classes require no outside reading or homework or grades–only a once weekly 2.5 hour commitment that fits the schedules of busy people. My classes are university quality but I can offer no university credit whatsoever. New classes start up every month and you can join existing groups of students if you want. Click on the classes that interest you below and find the course descriptions, up-to-date schedules, and self-registration. 1-on-1 classes can be arranged by appointment if you write me at

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