A Personal Relationship With Jesus

A Personal Relationship With Jesus September 22, 2014

I’ve had the privilege to see Vyckie Garrison give the speech above twice (and to read it over in advance of her giving it). In it she explains how the warning signs that a domestic violence counselor asked her about in order to assess the health of her marriage all involved things that Vyckie and her husband were deliberately doing because she believed they were biblical. And it gets worse, not only were these abusive traits ones that patriarchal Christianity deliberately encouraged in her marriage, they’re ones that are central to a personal relationship with Jesus, as popularly conceived by evangelical Christians. The written version of her speech, for those of you who’d rather read (or skim) than watch, it’s now published on Alternet.

Also, it’s worth noting that Vyckie (whose No Longer Quivering blog has helped transition hundreds and hundreds of women out of spiritually abusive situations) needs financial help to save her house. Please consider donating to someone whose life’s work is transforming lives every day.

My own reply to Christian claims that atheists leave the church because they mistakenly confuse bad Christianity for Jesus is in my post “You Must Have Mistakenly Left The Perfect Christ Because The Fallible Church Hurt You”.

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