Cory Booker’s Pro-Atheist Tweets

Cory Booker’s Pro-Atheist Tweets September 25, 2014

Good on Cory Booker!

(H/T: Dale McGowan)

Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure the Jim he’s responding to went to church with me when I was growing up. We’re friends on Facebook now. Good guy.

For those of you agitated over anyone taking an interest in a politician’s views on faith… I mostly agree that sometimes they should be mostly irrelevant. Nonetheless, here are my 10 Reasons to Scrutinize a Politician’s Faith (or not).

And, what the heck, here again, in case you missed it, is my interview with the openly atheist candidate for Congress in Arizona, James Woods.

And for much more in-depth discussions of the meaning and value of secularism, I recommend you sign up for one of my courses. In particular, Philosophy for Atheists and Social and Political Philosophy treat the subject quite a bit.

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