My Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Talk On Empowerment Ethics

My Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Talk On Empowerment Ethics November 8, 2014

Above is my talk on “Empowerment Ethics” at the Pennslyvania Atheists/Humanists Conference. I was a bit rushed from the start by the 30 minute time limit, which is an extraordinarily small space to try to say anything of substance. But then at 12 minutes in the time keeper erroneously told me I had only 5 minutes left and I was forced to try to truncate another planned 28 minutes into 5 minutes. Then after squeezing down to that 5 minutes I thought I might have to stop but was given another 5 minutes–again to try to truncate on the fly. It was not conducive to giving the systematically developed picture I expected to have at least 30 minutes to articulate. A whole lot of material got jettisoned and what I did say had to be clipped and given little room to breathe. I was pretty discombobulated and it really shows.

But in the room the talk played much better than I think it does in the video and the response from several people to the ideas was outright enthusiastic and led to fantastic discussions after the fact. So, in terms of the actual objective of the talk it was a wild success. But, I winced to watch it this morning.

Here are two follow up blog posts I wrote to put a finer point on what I was trying to say in the talk:

Objective Human Flourishing: A First Response To Jerry Coyne About Ethics
Empowerment Ethics: “Can There Be Objective Morality When So Many People Disagree About Morality?”

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