2014 Camels With Hammers Monthly “Posts of the Month”

2014 Camels With Hammers Monthly “Posts of the Month” December 28, 2014

Going month by month, below were the Camels With Hammers posts featuring my original writing from each month that made the biggest splashes throughout the year, as judged by traffic totals. If you missed any, catch up!

January 1, 2014: On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career

February 26, 2014: Opposing The Jesus Meme

March 27, 2014: A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God

April 10, 2014: Top 10 Tips For Christian Evangelism (From An Atheist)

May 10, 2014: Dear Fellow Atheists, STOP Saying Christians Believe God is a Bearded Man in the Sky. They Don’t.

June 13, 2014: Moral and Philosophical Arguments Against Fetal Personhood

July 16, 2014: “Why Do We Need Feminists? Shouldn’t We Just Be Humanists and Equalists?”

August 12, 2014: Robin Williams’s Verdict on Life

September 15, 2014: Sam Harris, The Criticism of Bad Ideas, and Sexist Appeals to Biology

October 10, 2014: Not All Who Lack Belief in Gods Are Atheists

November 10, 2014: On Traditions, and How I Approached My First Humanist Wedding

December 15, 2014: Before and After I Deconverted: The Development of My Sexual Imagination


Special mention to the total most popular December piece of original writing featured on Camels With Hammers: Martin Hughes’s One Atheist’s View of Christmas, published December 14, 2014.

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