FtBConscience 3 Online Conference Schedule (Including My Appearances) #FtBCon

FtBConscience 3 Online Conference Schedule (Including My Appearances) #FtBCon January 20, 2015

FtBConscience is an exciting experiment in holding conferences. Taking out all the expense of travel and hotels and all the commitment of having to clear your schedule to attend a conference, Freethought Blogs has been a pioneer in making a high quality atheist/social justice conference available to everyone around the world in real time. Using Google OnAir Hangouts, conference panelists from around the globe meet up and discuss a huge range of fascinating topics on a live stream video. Then all the talks are instantly archived so busy people who can’t watch live can watch later. See the schedule for this year’s conference being held this upcoming weekend (January 23-25)!

I have been a part of the first two FtBConscience events and watched a number of the other panels and loved every minute of both experiences. On July 19, 2013, I got to be on a critical thinking panel with Jeremy Beahan of the atheist community’s best podcast (Reasonable Doubts) and president and co-founder of the Center for Applied Rationality Julia Galef, moderated by Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars. This was truly one of my favorite events I’ve been a part of in the secular community. Only after the show I started listening to Jeremy’s Reasonable Doubts podcast and became a huge fan, devouring nearly their entire archive as I packed and unpacked for a move. Afterwards going back and listening to my earlier appearance on the FtBConscience panel with Jeremy felt like listening to your favorite show and having yourself just happen to appear on it. You can watch or just listen to the truly fascinating discussion we had here. I only wish the informal hour or two we spent afterwards with conference “attendees” who came into the hangout was also recorded for posterity because it was just as good.

Then I was honored to be selected by Richard Carrier for his February 2, 2014 “Philosophy for Everyone” panel where I was once again privileged to join Julia Galef and this time I met Jess Whittlestone who is part of a truly exciting charitable applied philosophy project called 80,000 Hours. You can watch that panel here.

Now on January 25, 2015, I will be on two panels, one of which is not listed yet on the schedule.

First, at noon 11am eastern time, my good friend and former regular Camels With Hammers guest poster Kaveh Mousavi of the spectacular ex-Muslim blog On the Margin of Error will host a panel called, “The ‘True’ Version of the False: Can Atheists Argue Over the ‘True’ Version of Religion”. I will be on the panel joined by historian and philosopher Richard Carrier, Russell Glasser (of The Atheist Experience), and Alex Gabriel of the blog Godlessness in Theory. To see my views on the topic of “true religion” in advance, check out my post How To Criticize Religion. Part 3: Address The Question of “True Religion” With Nuance and see how I applied the principles in that post to the recent reactions to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo’s offices here.

Second, at 3pm eastern time, my good friend and occasional collaborator Chana Messinger of the excellent blog The Merely Real will be hosting a “Critical Thinking in the Classroom” panel. I will be on the panel with Hemant Mehta of The Friendly AtheistDan Linford of the blog Skeptic Freethoughtand Matt Lowry of Skeptical Teacher. Chana and Hemant are both high school math teachers, Matt is a physics professor, and Dan and I are both philosophy professors. I taught for 11 years in universities and now offer face to face, live, interactive, non-matriculated courses that take place using Google Hangout. You can learn more about them and sign up here. For posts on my teaching philosophy see this or this. If you’re interested in how I broached the subjects of atheism and religion with my university philosophy classes, check out this and this.

Below is the schedule (in CENTRAL TIME) for most of the FtBConscience 3 this weekend. Use this link for updates all weekend and links to the actual talks as they happen and as they’re archived.

23rd January 2015

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DAY 2Saturday24th January 2015

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DAY 3Sunday25th January 2015

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