Christianity vs. Morality

Christianity vs. Morality May 12, 2015

On this past Sunday, I was interviewed by Mike Haubrich of Minnesota Atheists for the show Atheists Talk. Mike was interested in how I would answer suggestions that Christianity was required for morality and that naturalistic morality was impossible. In response I explored problems with trying to base morality on the supposed prescriptions of the god of the Bible and then overviewed my account of the actual foundations of ethics. You can listen to the show here. To learn more about my concept of Empowerment Ethics (which I discuss in the show), read the links here. To learn more about my philosophy classes, go here.


Of special relevance,  you can join the first session of my new Philosophy of Religion class meeting on Fridays 12:30-2:30pm ET starting this Friday (May 15, 2015). Write me at to sign up for a free trial session if you’ve never attended any of my classes before. For more about the class and why even atheists should study philosophy of religion, check out the class’s permanent page.


Also of relevance, just this month I have started a new class on Ethics meeting Monday nights at 9pm-11pm ET. Write me at to sign up for a free trial session if you’ve never attended any of my classes before. There’s still time to join!


This month I have also started two sections of a new Philosophy of Science and Knowledge class. You can join that class on Sundays 8pm-10pm ET or Wednesdays 3pm-5pm ET. Write me at for more information and to sign up.

Write me to get e-mails with regular updates on new class times and to request new classes at times that fit your own schedule.

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