New Philosophical Counter-Apologetics Class

New Philosophical Counter-Apologetics Class November 30, 2015


I have two SIX students committing to attend a new section of Philosophy of Religion in December 2015. I am aiming to make this round of the class specifically as a philosophical counter-apologetics treatment of the subject, designed to specificlaly help deconverts from religion and other non-believers understand the intricacies of the best theistic philosophy of religion arguments and the best counterarguments to them. My tentativesettled plan is to hold this class on Friday nights 8pm-10pm 10pm-12am Eastern Time. (We’ll work out a workaround for the upcoming holidays, since they fall on Fridays early on in the class schedule.) If you want to be a part of this class but that particular time slot doesn’t work, please be in touch and I can start building another class for those who can’t make this one.


In the future, I plan to do a Philosophy of Religion class where I guarantee a balanced room of students, i.e., where for every atheist who enrolls there must be at least one theist also enrolled. Thus far theists have been a bit too shy about joining in my Philosophy of Religion classes and I hope that guaranteeing a balanced student enrollment will help create a more welcoming situation. If you are a theist who has contemplated taking Philosophy of Religion with me and would take a class where you knew you weren’t going to be outnumbered or if you’re an atheist who would prefer to hold out taking Philosophy of Religion until you can do so with some real live theists in the class, please be in touch so I can start compiling a list of people interested in this project. In the meantime, if you’re one of those atheists interested in boning up on your counter-apologetic skills and in making sure you understand theistic arguments as charitably as possible and can philosophically dissect them as rigorously as possible, this new class starting up in December 2015 should be perfect for you. Write me at for more information.


Remember that year round I am setting up classes around students’ interests and schedules. Whenever you know the topics and times that would interest you for a class and you know that you are ready to start attending soon do not hesitate to be in touch at and I can set up a class. For information on more course offerings please visit this page.  ​Also be on the lookout in the coming weeks for my e-mail announcing major new innovations to improve how classes work.

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