Everything You Think You Know About Hymens Is Wrong

Everything You Think You Know About Hymens Is Wrong December 8, 2015

The show Adam Ruins Everything has a humorous and informative clip from the show in which they debunk common myths about hymens and speak out against vile, invasive “virginity tests”. Even if you knew most of this information, as I did, this is a terrific resource for remedial sex education for your friends and family members and, in particular, the young people and bigots in your lives. If the schools in our country won’t educate about sex, it’s up to the brave denizens of social media sites to do so. And, in all likelihood, that includes you.

Bonus hymen video–Laci Green did a great 3 minute clip for teenagers a couple years ago:

For more of my thoughts on sex education, read my post complaining about left-wing reliance on the mantra that “You Can’t Stop Teenagers From Having Sex”.

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