Key Posts



American Values:

1. American Values vs. Fundamentalist Values
2. Education Funding: Where Two Fundamental American Ideals Completely Conflict.
3. Why Do Torture And Increased Police Authority Increasingly Appeal To Americans?
4. Dad Shoots Laptop
5. Thoughts On The Ethics Of Private Vs. Publicly-Mediated Generostiy

Adjunct to Philosopreneur:

1. The Underemployment Crisis and Me
2. On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career
3. Reflections of a Post-Academic Philosopreneur
4. From Christian College Student to Atheist Online Philosophy Teacher
5. There’s An Article On Me In Inside Higher Ed


1. Ex-Communications: When Apostates Talk Back
2. Who Cares About Atheists?
3. Sex and Apostasy
4. Defending Apostates’ Intellects Against A Dismissive Christian Apologist
5. Should I Have Said “Fuck You” To The Woman Who Told Me I Lost My Faith Because I Didn’t Love Jesus Enough?
6. The Complicated Relationship Of An Apostate To His Religious Friends And His Reilgious Past

7. Immediately Post-Deconversion, How Did Your Theistic Views of Non-Belief Affect You?

Applied Ethics:

1. Moral Luck, Sarah Palin, And The “Targeting” Of Gabrielle Giffords
2. Can We Uphold A Moral Law And A Principle That We Should Break It?
3. Ricky Gervais, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, And Ethical Dilemmas In Comedy

Atheistic Humanistic “Religiousness”:

1. My Atheistic Appreciation For Religion
2. I Am Interviewed About My Personal (Atheistic) Religiosity/Spirituality
3. On Why We Should Do Specifically Humanist Charity (And A Chance to Learn How To Do It Best)
4. The Point of Humanist Chaplains (and other clergy equivalents)
5. On Traditions, and How I Approached My First Humanist Wedding
6. When God Or Religion Come Up, Should You First Identify As An Atheist Or A Humanist?
7. “Is Atheism A Religion Too?” My Succinct Answer.
8. Atheism Is Not A Religion. But There Should Be Atheistic Religions.
9. On Defending True Spirituality And Taking The Word Back From Spiritually Bankrupt Fundamentalism
10. Atheists in Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Pagan, Humanist, and Mainstream Religious Services
11. My Thoughts on Eric Steinhart’s Atheism and Wicca Experiment
12. Atheist Preaching
13. Preacher or Parodist? Jerry DeWitt’s Inspired Self-Deconstruction and Self-Affirmation
14. Evangelical Atheism?
15. The Flexibility of the Word “Evangelical”
16. Atheists and “Interfaith” Participation


1. Know There Is No God (and Let’s Fight Over The Frame)
2. Why Do Outspoken Atheists Care So Much About What They Don’t Believe In?
3. Atheist Humility

4. Why We Should Identify As Atheists
5. Should Atheist Parents Set Out To Raise Atheists?
6. The “A” Word

7. 4 Kinds of Movement Atheist (Secularist Atheists, Identity Atheists, Evangelical Atheists, and Constructive Atheists)

8. Atheist Fundamentalism?
9. On Atheists Attempting to Disprove the Existence of the Historical Jesus
10. The Silent Atheists
11. How Atheists Treat Religious Dictates As Holy
12. Answering Greta: My Goals As An Atheist Writer
13. Is It A Waste of Time For Atheists To Care About Spirituality?
14. On Comparing God To The Tooth Fairy
15. Are Atheists An Oppressed Minority?

16. Ignoring Gods As A Kind of Atheism

16. It’s Atheism, Not Adeism

Atheistic Humanism:

1. In Which I Come Out As A Humanist
2. Raising (Actual) Humanists
3. What’s Really Wrong With Religion?
4. What’s Worse For Atheism: Being Confused For Being Too Much Like Bad Religion, Or Too Little Like Good Religion?
5. Not “I’ll Pray For You” But “I Love You”
6. Atheism Is Not Boring and Void of Traditions, It’s Liberating
7. Call Me A Freethinker
8. Why We Should Not Identify As “Evolutionists”
9. Comparing Humanism and Religion and Exploring Their Relationships to Each Other
10. Does Atheism Offer Less Beauty, Mystery, and Transcendence?
11. Foundation Beyond Belief: A Scientifically Informed Charity
12. Atheism and Tradition Building
13. Humanizing Humanists: Sylvia Broeckx’s Hug An Atheist
14. “Therapeutic Projection” or “How Lars and the Real Girl Made Me Cry”
15. Contra de Botton: Religions Are NOT To Credit With Universalistic Humanistic Values
16. Atheist Groupthink?

17. Buzzkilling The Atheists Are Awesome Videos
18. On Freethinkers Groups

Atheistic Morality:

1. God and Goodness
2. “How Can Atheists Condemn Rape Without Theistic Moral Absolutism?”
3. In Which I Answer Leah Libresco’s Moral Philosophy Concerns So You Don’t Become A Catholic Too
4. Deriving An Atheistic, Naturalistic, Realist Account Of Morality
5. How Our Morality Realizes Our Humanity
6. God, Objective Morality, and the Difference Between Knowing and Accounting For
7. The Separability Of Metaethics From Questions Of Theism
8. Is Empowerment Ethics Atheistic?


1. Not All Who Lack Belief in Gods Are Atheists
2. A Post For The Agnostic or Apostate Who Still Misses God
3. I’m an Agnostic Adeist and a Gnostic Atheist
4. Agnostics Or Apistics?
5. The Evidence-Impervious Agnostic Theists
6. Do New Atheists Unjustifiably Shirk Their Burden For Evidence?
7. How A Lack Of Belief In God May Differ From Various Kinds Of Beliefs That Gods Do Not Exist
8. 7 Reasons I Label Myself An Atheist Rather Than An Agnostic


1. Top 10 Tips For Bloggers
2. How I Started Blogging
3. Top 10 Reasons I Write Long Blog Posts
4. Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Philosophers and Other Academics and Writers
5. 10 Highlights of My First 2 Years at Patheos
6. Camels With Hammers Turns 5 Years Old Today


1. The Camels With Hammers Civility Pledge
2. I Am Not Against Emotions. I Am Against Insulting Epithets.
3. Force and Reason
4. Rational Passional Persuasion

4. Denouncing Political Rhetoric Which Is Indistinguishable From The Manifestos Of Paranoid Madmen
5. Do Marginalized People Need To Be Insulting To Be Empowered
6. “But People Aren’t Logical Robots, We Need To Shock Them, and They’ll Call Us Uncivil Even If We Are Civil”
7. No, You Can’t Call People Sluts.
8. You Don’t Kill Hateful Words’ Powers By Ignoring Them
9. Avoiding The Abuser’s Dialectic (Or “My Nietzschean Lion Stage of Indignation”)
10. No Hate
11. What Kind of a Rationalist Wants to Verbally Abuse People into Submission Like an Authoritarian
12. Intent Is Not Magic. But It Still Matters.
13. Criticism, Civility, and Friendship (a post on my friendship with JT)
14. Why I Usually Don’t Blog About Interpersonal Conflicts
15. We Need Both Safe Spaces AND Philosophically Open Ones
16. Debate is Not Pointless
17. Why Atheists Should Not Give Up Challenging Theism And Theists
17. The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth–But With No Name-Calling
18. I Don’t Really Give A Fuck About Tone, Per Se
19. I Am A Rationalist, Not A Tribalist
20. How Atheist Reddit Doesn’t Get It
21. Don’t Demonize Religious People’s Motives, Focus On Their Objective Harms.
22. Love Religious People.
23. Can You Really Love Religious People If You Hate Their Religiosity?
24. Moral Offense is Not Morally Neutral
25. The Ethics of Challenging Each Other’s Identities
26. “How Is It Fair To Question Other People’s Identity-Forming Beliefs While Demanding Respect For One’s Own Belief-Formed Identities?”
27. Lord Cthulhu Comes to Camels With Hammers: An Interview with PZ Myers
28. Audiences and Approaches
29. Research Suggests Verbal Abuse Hinders Brain Development
30. Making My Comments Rules Explicit: “Don’t Bully People With Insulting Names” and “Make Personal Charges Against Others Only In Egregious Cases”



1. My Perfectionistic, Egoistic AND Universalistic, Indirect Consequentialism (And Contrasts With Other Kinds)
2. Towards A “Non-Moral” Standard Of Ethical Evaluation
3. Further Towards A “Non-Moral” Standard Of Ethical Evaluation
4. Some Suspicions About The Superiority Of Liberal Moral Values
5. My Perspectivist, Teleological Account Of The Relative Values Of Pleasure And Pain
6. What Does It Mean For Pleasure And Pain To Be “Intrinsically Instrumental” Goods?
7. Against Moral Intuitionism
8. Can Utilitarians Properly Esteem The Intrinsic Value of Truth?


1. A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God
2. On God As The Source of Being But Not of Evil
3. Is God Just Too Great For Our Finite Minds To Understand
4. No, Christians, You Don’t Rationally Proportion Your Beliefs to Evidence
5. Faith Which Exploits Infinitesimal Probabilities As Openings For Strong Affirmations
6. Examining Some Alleged Divine Attributes
7. Hell as the Absence of God
8. God and Goodness
9. Is It Just A Mystery Whether God Exists?
10. Why Progressive Interpretations Of The Old Testament Still Do Not Justify Its God Morally
11. Ray Comfort Exploits An Atheist’s Suicide With Reckless Disregard For Atheists’ Mental Health
12. For God or Morality? On Those Who’d Hold Morality Hostage For Faith
13. Dear Fellow Atheists, STOP Saying Christians Believe God is a Bearded Man in the Sky. They Don’t.
14. Why I Am Anti-Christianity Instead of a Christian Reformer
15. No, I’m Not An Atheist By Faith, Here Are My Arguments.
16. Beyond Agnosticism: More Details About How I Know Various Kinds Of Gods Do Not Exist, Based On Scientific And Philosophical ReasonsThe Cosmological Argument, The Composition Fallacy, And More Reasons Not To Believe In God
17. My Atheistic Reply To Rabbi Adam Jacobs’s Open Letter To The Atheist Community
18. Before I Deconverted: My Dad and My God
19. “Not Everything In Life Is Logical”
20. Is Reason My God In Which I Have My Faith Part 123, and 4
21. On The Possible God Of Philosophy And Cosmology Vs. The Personal, Historical God Of Faith

22. Same Facts, Different Views?
23. On “Concern Troll” Apologists
24. Almost All My Opinions Remain Disputable
25. “Just Leave Us Our Fictions”
26. How Atheists Can Avoid Other Fundamentalisms: By Focusing On Rationalism First And Foremost
27. Were The 20th Century Wars A Rebuke To Reason?
28. Commitment To Value Without God
29. Is God Needed For Us To Care About Starving Kids A World Away?
30. Can You Have A Heart Without Having “The Heart of God”?
31. If Faith Isn’t Publicly Justifiable, How Can It Provide Justification At All? 
32. You Are Not A Biblical Character (Part 1)23
33. Why Worship Someone With Mysterious Motives?
34. Answering Accusations Against Atheists: The Charge That Atheists Have Faith Too
35. “And There Are No Christians In Med School”

Criticizing Atheists:

1. Why I Criticize My Fellow Atheists
2. Six Temptations Atheists Must Avoid
3. Oh You Can Get Good People To Do Bad Things Without Religion Alright…
4. On The Uses and Abuses of Tragedies for Atheism
5. Stop Calling People Stupid
6. “But Aren’t Some People Actually Stupid?”
7. Atheist Blogger Exploits A Girl’s Suicide To Malign Religion
8. No, A Belief In The Afterlife Alone Cannot Be Responsible For A Suicide
9. The Moral Imperative Not To Dehumanize When We Criticize #MuslimLivesMatter
10. How Foolish Atheists Convinced The Atheist Blogger Leah Libresco That Catholic Philosophy Was Rationally Superior To Atheism
11. The Very Worst of the Atheist Movement on Display: Major Atheist Orgs Attack Star of David Holocaust Memorial
12. The Worst Arguments Atheists Make

Deconversion: Before I Deconverted:

1. Before I Deconverted: My Christian Childhood
2. Before I Deconverted: My Parents Divorced
3. Before I Deconverted: Ministers As Powerful Role Models
4. My Fundamentalist Preacher Brother, His Kids, And Me
5. Before I Deconverted: I Was A Teenage Christian Contrarian
6. Before I Deconverted: Christmas Became A Christian Holiday To Me
7. Before I Deconverted, I Already Believed in Equality Between the Sexes
8. Before I Deconverted, I Had A Bout of Paranoid Right Wing End Times Paranoia
9. Love Virginity
10. Before I Deconverted: My Dad and My God
11. Before I Deconverted: I Was Baptized
12. Before I Deconverted: “My God Died on the Cross, Not at McDonald’s!”
13. Before I Deconverted: I Dabbled with Calvinism in College (Everyone Was Doing It)
14. How Evangelicals Can Be Very Hurtful Without Being Very Hateful
15. Before I Deconverted: My Grandfather’s Contempt
16. Before I Deconverted: I Saw My First “Secular Humanist” On TV
17. Worshipful Experience of God? Been There. Done That.

Deconversion: How I Deconverted:

1. How I Deconverted, It Started With Humean Skepticism
2. How I Deconverted, I Became A Christian Relativist
3. How I Deconverted: December 8, 1997
4. How I Deconverted: I Made A Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith
5. How I Deconverted: I Saw An Agnostic Speak At A Christian Conference
6. How I Deconverted: My Closest, and Seemingly “Holiest”, Friend Came Out As Gay
7. How I Deconverted: My Closeted Best Friend Became A Nihilist and Turned Suicidal
8. How I Deconverted: Nietzsche Caused A Gestalt Shift For Me (But Didn’t Inspire “Faith”)
9. As I Deconverted: I Spent A Summer As A Christian Camp Counselor Fighting Back Doubts
10. How I Deconverted: I Ultimately Failed to Find Reality In Abstractions
11. A Postmortem on my Deconversion: Was it that I just didn’t love Jesus enough?

Deconversion: When I Deconverted:

1. When I Deconverted: I Was Reading Nietzsche’s “Anti-Christ”, Section 50
2. When I Deconverted: I Had Been Devout And Was Surrounded By The Devout
3. When I Deconverted: Some People Felt Betrayed
4. When I Deconverted: I Experienced Something Like A Spiritual Break Up
5. When I Deconverted: My Closest Christian Philosopher Friends Remained My Closest Philosophical Brothers
6. When I Deconverted: I Was Not Alone
7. When I Deconverted: Some Anger Built Up
8. When I Deconverted: I Sure Could Have Used The Secular Student Alliance
9. When I Deconverted: I Came Out To My Family

Deconversion: After I Deconverted:

1. Liberal Theology and Me, Before and After I Deconverted
2. Since I Decoverted: Sorry Liberal Theologians, But Jesus is Dead to Me
3. After I Deconverted: I Was A Radical Skeptic, Irrationalist, And Nihilist—But Felt Liberated
4. On Rejecting Faith in Morality
5. After I Deconverted: I Chose To Study Philosophy At A Jesuit University
6. After I Deconverted: I Was Deeply Ambivalent; What Was I to Make of Sex, Love, Alcohol, Bisexuality, Abortion, 9/11, Religious Violence, Marxism, or the Yankees?
7. After I Deconverted: I Refuse to Let Christians Judge Me
8. After I Deconverted: My Nietzschean Lion Stage of Liberating Indignant Rage
9. After I Deconverted: I Started Blogging
10. Before and After I Deconverted: The Development of My Sexual Imagination
11. How My Personal Sexual Evolution Makes Me Loathe Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming
12. After I Deconverted: I’ve Usually Felt Honored and Understood When Christians See Me As “Still Christian”
13. Since I Deconverted: I’ve Been in Denial About Christian Sincerity

Deconversion Meta:

1. Why I Write About My Deconversion
2. My Deconversion Isn’t Special


1. Faith Is Preconditioned By Doubt, But Precludes Serious Doubting
2. Soul Searching With Clergy Guy


1. From Is To Ought: How Normativity Fits Into Naturalism
2. Why Be Morally Dutiful, Fair, or Self-Sacrificing If The Ethical Life Is About Power?
3. On the Moral Value (and Dangers) of Dutifulness
4. On The Necessary Connection Between Reasoning And Accepting Rational Norms As Having Merit
5. Why Getting Away With Wrongdoing Does Not Make It Worth It
6. “But Why MUST I?” Kant’s Ironic Formulation Of Liberty As Duty

Empowerment Ethics:

1. Objective Human Flourishing
2. What is Empowerment Ethics?
3. My Systematic, Naturalistic Empowerment Ethics, With Applications to Tyrants, the Differently Abled, and LGBT People

Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism:

1. Why Sin is a False and Morally and Biologically Backward Concept
2. Atheism, Catholicism, and Suffering: A Critical Response to Bad Catholic
3. How God’s Not Dead Makes Christians Look Even Worse Than It Makes Atheists Look
4. What Makes Some Evangelicals So Intolerable
5. Why I Wrote A Bad Movie Review of God’s Not Dead
6. “No True Christian Would Do That”
7. “You Must Have Mistakenly Left The Perfect Christ Because The Fallible Church Hurt You”
8. Morally Bad Atheists Don’t Refute Atheism
8. “It’s amazing what some people will justify through their religion, isn’t it?”
9. “If You Believe In God, You Have To Believe In The Devil”
10. Against The Religiously Lazy Defenders of The Pious
11. Why Would True Believers Want Us To Lie Before God?
12. Why Atheists Resent Being Told We Are Going To Hell
13. Christianity’s Love of the Dark Side
14. How To Let People Know You’re Christian
15. You Say God Didn’t Stop Elementary School Shootings Because We Took State Led Prayers and Religious Instruction Out of Schools?
16. What Does It Matter If People Who Claim To “Know Jesus” Disagree About What Jesus Thinks—Can’t Some Still Be Right?
17. The Pope Not Interested In “Perfect Ideological Conformity?”

18. The Pope’s Weaselly Excuses For Church Child Abuse In The ’70s
19. The Pope Wants to Meet Atheists on the Common Ground of our Goodness


1. Faith in a Comprehensive Nutshell
2. Why I Define Faith Philosophically As Inherently Irrational and Immoral
3. Faith There’s A God vs. Faith In God
4. What About The Good Things People Call “Faith”? (Or “Why I Take Such A Strong Semantic Stand Against The Word Faith”)

Faith and Knowledge:

Can Rationality Overcome Faith?
Faith As A Form Of Rationalization Unique To Religion
Faith As Deliberate Commitment To Rationalization
Heart Over Reason
Faith As Corruption Of Children’s Intellectual Judgment
Faith As Subjectivity Which Claims Objectivity
Faith As Admirable Infinite Commitment For Finite Reasons
Maximal Self-Realization In Self-Obliteration: The Existential Paradox of Heroic Self-Sacrifice
Why Faith Is Unethical (Or “In Defense Of The Ethical Obligation To Always Proportion Belief To Evidence”
10. Against Faith and In Defense of Naturalism and Induction

Faith and Uncertainty:

1. Not All Beliefs Held Without Certainty Are Faith Beliefs
2. Defending My Definition Of Faith As “Belief Or Trust Beyond Rational Warrant”
3. Implicit Faith
4. Rational Beliefs, Rational Actions, And When It Is Rational To Act On What You Don’t Think Is True
5. Faith As Guessing
6. Are True Gut Feelings And Epiphanies Beliefs Justified By Faith?
7. Faith Is Neither Brainstorming, Hypothesizing, Nor Simply Reasoning Counter-Intuitively
How Faith Is Not Like Other (Revisable) Reflexive Assumptions

Faith and Will:

1. How Just Opposing Faith, In Principle, Means You Actually Don’t Have Faith, In Practice
2. Naturalism, Materialism, Empiricism, And Wrong, Weak, And Unsupported Beliefs Are All Not Necessarily Faith Positions
3. How Faith Theoretically Makes People Less Likely To Be Trustworthy
4. How Religious Beliefs Become Specifically *Faith* Beliefs

5. What Does It Most Decisively Mean To Believe, Disbelieve, or Lack Belief?

Faith vs. Science

1. Against Accommodationism: Religion Has NO Rightful Claim To An Unencroachable “Magisterium” Of Its Own
2. How Belief In “Theistic Evolution” Is Nearly As Much A Denial Of Science As Creationism
3. Defending The Apparent Truth Of Evolution’s Mindlessness
4. The (Jesuit) Father Of The Big Bang Theory
5. In What Sense Religious Scientists Shouldn’t Exist
6. What’s Wrong With Religious Scientists?
7. More Thoughts On Scientists In The Public Square
8. When Should A Scientist’s Faith Disqualify Him From Scientific Institutional Authority?
9. On Unjustifiably Leveraging One’s Credibility
10. Against Faith and In Defense of Naturalism and Induction (7)
11. On Facts, Theories, And The Philosophy Of Science

Faith vs. Trust

1. Trustworthiness, Loyalty, And Honesty
2. Faith As Loyally Trusting Those Insufficiently Proven To Be Trustworthy
3. Faith As Tradition
4. Blind Faith: How Faith Traditions Turn Trust Without Warrant Into A Test Of Loyalty
5. Faith As Tradition’s Advocate And Enforcer, Which Actively Opposes Merely Provisional Forms Of Trust
6. The Threatening Abomination Of The Faithless


1. “Why Do We Need Feminists, Shouldn’t We Just Be Humanists and Equalists?”

2. In Defense of the Moral Cause of Feminism
3. Vulnerability, Victim Blaming, and The Just World Fallacy
4. How My Personal Sexual Evolution Makes Me Loathe Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming
5. How to Create The Sexual Utopia
6. #YesAllMen Are Responsible
7. Moral and Philosophical Arguments Against Fetal Personhood
8. Feminism, Civility, and Ron Lindsay’s Welcome to Women in Secularism
9. Bill Maher on Rush Limbaugh on Freedom of Speech and Misogyny
10. Why Misogynistic Language Matters
11. No, You Can’t Call People Sluts
12. Sam Harris, The Criticism of Bad Ideas, and Sexist Appeals To Biology
13. On Sam Harris’s Reply To Feminist Critics
14. On Criticizing Your Own Side Without Being A Traitor
15. In Defense of Taking Offense
16. It’s Wrong To Sexually Exploit People: Even Celebrities
17. Schrödinger’s Rapist and Schrödinger’s Racist
18. Be Careful About Loving Women Too Much Lest Other Guys Think You’re Gay
19. Sexism and Sensitivity
20. “Have You Ever Thought About The OTHER Side?”
21. Does Sexism Trump Even The Profit Motive?

22. Men Apologizing For Having Abortions

Feminism and Media:

1. Tegan and Sara Pose With Black Eyes—Is It Wise?
2. Misogyny At The Movies: A 50/50 Film Review

Feminism vs. Catholicism:
1. Religious Privilege and Grievance-Based Catholic Identity Politics
2. “Should Catholic Employers Be Exempted From Paying For Health Insurance Covering Contraception?”
3. What Are The Limits of Church Authority in the Public Sphere?
4. “Must (or Can) the Religious Engage in the Secular Sphere ‘Non-Religiously’?”
5. Legalism Over Life: Nun Supports Life-Saving Abortion And Gets Excommunicated
6. Moral Actions, Moral Sentiments, Moral Motives, and Moral Justifications: More On The Nun Excommunicated For Approving A Life-Saving Abortion


1. What Does It Mean For Me To Be Free?
2. Why Bother Blaming People At All? Isn’t That Just Judgmental?
3. The “Moral Argument” For Free Will Is A Morally Troubling and Hypocritical Faith Position
4. Free Will and the “Real World”
5. My Thoughts on Liberty
6. My Philosophy on What the Best Freethinking and the Best Free Speech Entail
7. Moral Considerations on Hate Crimes, Free Speech, and Threatening Speech
8. Social Pushback On Slurs Does Not Violate Free Speech Rights
8. Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?
9. 12 Murdered in Paris, Apparently Over Satire of Islam #CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie
10. Freedom As A Power Rather Than As A Passive State


1. Defining Intrinsic Goodness, Using Marriage As An Example
2. The Facts About Intrinsic and Instrumental Goods and The Cultural Construction of Intrinsic Goods
3. On Good and Evil For Non-Existent People
4. My Metaethical Views Are Challenged, A Debate With “Ivan”
5. Is Anything Intrinsically Good or Bad? An Interview with James Gray


1. How To Live Happily: Have No Expectations
2. How To Live Happily: Truthfully Understand Yourself and Your Constructive Potential


1. Answering 16 of the Worst #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo Memes
2. Islam Is Not A Race–But Anti-Muslim Bigotry Is Still Very Often Racist
3. On Gary Bauer’s Claims That American Muslims Get Better Treatment Than American Christians
4. How Christians and Muslims Assess Their Holy Books Differently


1. Opposing The Jesus Meme
2. The Evils of the Sermon on the Mount (Part 1)
3. Gays, Jesus, and Judging


1. Why Do We Need Labels Like “Gay”, “Bi”, “Cis”, and “Trans”?
2. Responses To Claims That LGBT Labels “Shouldn’t Matter”
3. My Systematic, Naturalistic Empowerment Ethics, With Applications to Tyrants, the Differently Abled, and LGBT People 
4. Happy National Coming Out Day
5. An Argument For Gay Marriage And Against Traditionalism
6. Unreal Discrimination?
7. 5 Reasons The Supreme Court, and Not Just States, Should Acknowledge Gay Marriage
8. Ross Douthat Claims Arguments Against Gay Marriage Lose Because They’re Just “Too Abstract”
9. No Gay Kissing On Modern Family?

LGBT and Christianity:

1. How I Wish The Homosexuality Debate Would Go
2. The Gay Enemy Threat in the Christian Home
3. After Orlando: An Open Letter To Conservative Christians About Loving Gay People
4. “So You Say Christ’s Love Is Unconditional and Non-Judgmental? Are You GAY?”
5. Gays, Jesus, and Judging
6. Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?
7. Why “Loving The Sinner But Hating The Sin” Is Not An Option When Dealing With Gay People
8. Philosophical Advice for a Lesbian Atheist with Religiously Homophobic In-Laws
9. Philosophical Advice For A Bisexual Activist With A Potential Homophobe Housemate
10. On The Incoherence Of Divine Command Theory And Why Even If God DID Make Things Good And Bad, Gay Would Still Be Good
11. Meet Jesy Littlejohn, Founder of “Rainbow Bridge”, Grove City College’s Unrecognized LGBTQ Awareness Group
12. Is There Any Theological Basis For Making Opposition To Homosexuality and Abortion Tests of Christian Orthodoxy?
13. Dan Savage’s Attack on the Bible That Inspired Walkouts
14. A Follow Up Post On Gays And Christianity
15. Confronting Conservative Christians With The Consequences Of Their Homophobia
16. Gays and Christianity 3: If God Exists and Is Good, He Cannot Oppose Gay Love
17. Equating All Gays To Rapists And Animals
18. The Homophilic Bible? (And a Personal Gut Check)

LGBT and Catholicism:

1. How My Best Friend Helped End My Faith and then Became an Openly Gay Monk
2. Out of the Closet for the 1st Time, at Oxford
3. On Anglicanism and On Celibate Love
4. How Catholic Moral Teaching On Sexuality Is Evolving
5. Does A Good God Guide The Catholic Church? A Debate
6. Is The Catholic Church’s Treatment of Gays Morally Defensible? A Debate
7. Does Celibacy Infantilize and Create Child Molesting Priests?
8. A Gay Monk Argues Against Reparative Therapy
9. On Treating Mental Illness, Rather Than Romantically Theologizing It

Liberal Theism:

1. 13 Practical Strategies For Arguing With Religious Moderates
2. Why We Shouldn’t Desperately Hope A Genuinely Good (Non-Biblical) God Exists And That We Can Live Forever
3. How Belief In “Theistic Evolution” Is Nearly As Much A Denial Of Science As Creationism
4. How Genesis Is Not Only Literally False, But Metaphorically False
4. True and False in Adam and Eve
5. The Christian Logic Of Power, Pride, Humility, Free Will, Original Sin, And All-Consuming Divine Narcissism
5. Liberal Theology and Me, Before and After My Deconversion
6. What’s In A Name? On Redefining Belief In God Rather Than Rejecting It
7. Criticisms of Some Liberal Theists From An Atheistic Humanist
8. Why Jesus Is Dead To Me
9. Religion as a Morally and Politically Ambivalent Force
10. The Value Of Religious Moderates And The Danger Of Isolating Religious And Political Fundamentalists
11. John Lennon Did Not Imagine That All Religion Is True
12. Why Cee Lo’s Imagine Fail Matters
13. True Religion?
14. Objections to Religious Moderates and Intellecuals 1234
15. Oprah, Oprah, Oprah


1. Philosophical Advice About the Friendzone
2. Love Is Not An Illusion. Rebutting Nihilism and Other Superstitions of Disembodied Atheism
3. Philosophical Advice For Someone Losing That Loving Feeling
4. How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways
5. Conceptual Problems for the Ideal of Unconditional Love
6. Call It Volitional Love, Rather Than Unconditional Love
7. Love Virginity
8. Love Religious People.
9. Can You Really Love Religious People If You Hate Their Religiosity?


1. Thinking According to Scale
2. On the Meaning of Meaning

Moral Objectivity:

1. Paths to Moral Objectivity: Pragmatics
2. A Map With A Few of My Paths to Objective Morality
3. Who Is Anyone To Tell Others What To Do?
4. How Can We Find External Criteria To Assess Morality’s Truth and Authority?
5. Can Morality Mean Something Other Than Absolutist Morality?

Moral Philosophers:

1. Hobbes On The Source Of Authority
2. Kant, The Good Will, And Rational Actions
3. “But Why MUST I?” Kant’s Ironic Formulation Of Liberty As Duty
4. Possible Kantian Formula For Determining The Permissibility Of Self-Defense
5. On G.E. Moore’s Notion Of Good As An Indefinable Non-Natural Property
6. From G.E. Moore’s Non-Naturalism To C.L. Stevenson’s Emotivism
7. A.J. Ayer And The Emotivism Of A Positivist
8. J.L. Mackie’s Error Theory And Jonathan Harrison’s Critique Thereof
9. Bruce Russell On Theories About What Makes An Action Rational Or Not
10. R.M. Hare On Moral Consistency As A Form Of Logical Consistency
11. Does Calling Someone Evil Explain Anything About Them?
12. Rawls’s Maximin Principle
13. Some More Thoughts On Rawls’s Maximin Principle And Fairness
14. Whether It’s Worth It To Be Just With No Incentives Or With Disincentives

Moral Psychology:

1. From Normal to Normative, Human Minds’ Conformist Conservative Prejudice
2. The Evolutionary Advantages And Present Disadvantages Of Our Conformist Minds
3. The Smarter You Are, The More Trusting You Are?

Moral Relativism:

1. Are Individuals’ Moralities Merely Personal?
2. Is Morality Relative?
3. Why Relativism Is So Appealing and Why Strong Beliefs Come Off Closed Minded
4. Does Everyone Mean Something Different By The Word ‘Good’?
5. Is Morality Just Culturally Relative?
6. Can There Be Objective Morality When So Many People Disagree About Morality?
7. Moral Mutability, Not Subjective Morality.  Moral Pluralism, Not Moral Relativism.
8. How Morality Can Change Through Objective Processes And In Objectively Defensible Ways
9. Nietzsche: Moral Absolutism and Moral Relativism Are “Equally Childish”
10. Moral Integration, or the Pros and Cons of Moral Absolutism and Ethical Pluralism

Moral Subjectivism:

1. Is Morality Just Subjective?
2. I Am A Moral Naturalist, Not A Subjectivist
3. Are Moral Issues Too Subjective To Argue Over?


1. How I’d Answer The Charge That Atheists Call Believers Stupid Too Often
2. Stop Calling People Stupid.
3. “But Aren’t Some People Actually Stupid?”
4. I am not against “dirty words”. I am against degrading words that have malicious intent and functions built into them.
5. Elitism, Incivility, and the Word Stupid
6. Don’t Call Religious Believers Stupid.
7. Who Are You Calling Stupid?
8. Does Faith Make You An Idiot?

New Atheism:

1. Nietzsche, New Atheism, and Me
2. In Defense of Appropriate Intellectual Intolerance
3. Defending The Value of The New Atheist Commitment To Truthfulness For Its Own Sake
4. New Atheism, Morality, and Falsifiability
5. How I’d Answer The Charge That Atheists Call Believers Stupid Too Often
6. New Atheism is a Moral Movement
7. In Defense of Dawkins’s Reason Rally Speech
8. On Dawkins’s Cultured Despisers
9. In Memory of Christopher Hitchens, A Nietzschean Lion
10. In Defense of Mocking and Embarrassing Religion
11. Atheism, Certainty, Mysticism, And Faitheism
12. Anti-Theism or Pro-Atheism?
13. On The Alleged Intolerance Of The New Atheists Towards “Faitheists”
14. Should Freethinkers Give Up On Replacing Religious Rituals With Their Own?
15. Against The Faitheists’ Belief In Belief
16. Why I Think Theistic Religion’s Psychological Grip Can Be Weakened Or Broken
17. You Might Be An Atheist Even If You Hate The New Atheists
18. Do Atheists Naively Blame All War on Religion?


1. A Brief Overview of My Dissertation
2. 4 Kinds of Irony and Nietzsche. An Excerpt From My Dissertation
3. Nietzsche’s Immoralism As Rebellion Against The Authoritarian Tendencies Of Moralities
4. Christians as Immoralists
4. Nietzsche: Moral Absolutism and Moral Relativism Are “Equally Childish”
5. Nietzsche’s Intrinsic Values For Assessing Moralties
6. Nietzsche: “‘Good’ Is No Longer Good When One’s Neighbor Mouths It”
7. Nietzsche: We Cannot “Selflessly” Investigate Morality
8. Mostly True Not Mostly False
9. On The Powers Of Personal And Political Bodies Over Their Apparent Mental Leaders
10. Evolution and Epistemology
11. Rough Sketches of Nietzsche’s Politics and Philosophy of Religion
12. On Zealously, Tentatively, and Perspectivally Holding Viewpoints
13. In Which I Come Out As A Humanist
14. Freedom as a Power, Rather than as a Passive State
15. When I Deconverted: I Was Reading Nietzsche’s “Anti-Christ”, Section 50
16. How I Deconverted: Nietzsche Caused A Gestalt Shift For Me (But Didn’t Inspire “Faith”)
17. Why Camels With Hammers
18. Apostasy As A Religious Act (Or “Why A Camel Hammers the Idols of Faith”)
19. In Memory of Christopher Hitchens, A Nietzschean Lion
20. After My Deconversion: My Nietzschean Lion Stage of Liberating Indignant Rage
21. Nietzsche, New Atheism, and Me
22. On Solitude, Nietzsche, the Muppets, and Me


1. Of Nihilists Mourning Their Christian Soul Mates
2. Immoralism?
3. Is Emotivistic Moral Nihilism Rationally Consistent?
4. The Universe Does Not Care About Our Morality. But So What?
5. A Philosophical Polemic Against Moral Nihilism
6. Why Moral Nihilism Is Self-Contradictory
7. Answering Objections From A Moral Nihilist
8. If You Don’t Believe in Objective Values Then Don’t Talk To Me About Objective Scientific Truth Either
9. How Ethics is More Like Physics Than Faith
10. Love Is Not An Illusion. Rebutting Nihilism and Other Superstitions of Disembodied Atheism

Outreach: Atheists To Believers:
1. Don’t Call Religious Believers Stupid.
2. Make Believers Stay on Topic During Debates.
3. Don’t Tell Religious Believers What They “Really Believe”.
4. Clarify What Kinds of Evidence Warrant What Kinds of Beliefs.
5. Help Break The Spell Of Religious Reverence.
6. Don’t Demonize Religious People’s Motives, Focus On Their Objective Harms.
7. Take Philosophy Seriously.
8. Both Refute The Best Counter-Arguments You Can Think Of And Create Gestalt Shifts.
9. Be Unapologetic, Rigorous, Patient, And Gracious With Religious Believers.
10. Love Religious People.
What Can An Atheist Love In People’s Religiosity
13 Practical Strategies For Arguing With Religious Moderates

Outreach: Christians To Atheists:

Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out To Atheists
Common Conscientiousness as Common Ground
Top Ten Tips For Evangelizing (From An Atheist).
1. Be Like Jesus: Hang With The Sinners and Judge The Judgers
2. Form Genuine Relationships With People, Don’t Treat Them As Projects.
3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
4. When Talking About Religious and Philosophical Matters, Ask More Questions And Do Less Preaching.
5. Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice or Judgments. Support People and Wait For Them To Ask For Your Input If They Want It.
6. Appreciate That Nominal Christians Are Still Christians.
7. Don’t Try To Force Others Into Christian Participation.
8. Understand Atheists and Embrace The Opportunity Confrontational Atheists Afford You.
9. Respect Other Religions Even As You Evangelize Their Members.
10. Love Your Enemies, Not Just Your Tribe.

Personal Reflections:
1. I Am Interviewed About My Personal (Atheistic) Religiosity/Spirituality
2. My Experiences of Bullying Growing up as a Weakling and a Physical Coward
3. In Honor of Firefighters
4. I’m a Muppet of a Man, I’m a Very Manly Muppet
5. How I Relate To People Socially
6. Social Media and the Gregarious Hermit
7. I Just Like Loving Her
8. Happy Birthday Dad!!!
9. Happy Birthday Mom!!!
10. On Meeting People Where They Are
11. When You Meet Someone
12. A Sickening Act of Violence Has Struck Us Today
13. The Secret Intimacy Between Solitary Writers and Readers
14. Green Day’s Dookie Turns 20, I Turn Nostalgic

Philosophical Advice:

1. Philosophical Advice for a Christian Camp Counselor with Doubts
2. Philosophical Advice For A Rationalist Atheist Who Wants To Be Religious Without Betraying His Ideals
3. Philosophical Advice For A Bisexual Activist With A Potential Homophobe Housemate
4. Philosophical Advice For A Vegetarian Who Felt Compelled To Euthanize His Cat
5. Philosophical Advice for a Procrastinating Graduate Student
6. Philosophical Advice For Dealing With A Bad Mother With Medical Needs
7. Philosophical Advice For Someone Losing That Loving Feeling
8. Philosophical Advice On Being An Activist As A Young Academic
9. Philosophical Advice for a Lesbian Atheist with Religiously Homophobic In-Laws
10. Philosophical Advice For Overcoming Intellectual Insecurity
11. Philosophical Advice About the Friend Zone
12. Philosophical Advice Winning Arguments without Coming off as Closed-minded (Part 1) (2) (3) (4)

Philosophical Dialogues:

1. A Debate About The Value of Permanent Promiscuity
2. Moral Perfectionism, Moral Pragmatism, Free Love Ethics, and Adultery
3. On The Ethics of “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Babies”
4. A Debate About The Wisdom of Trying To Deconvert People
5. Atheist Fundamentalism?
6. Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?
7. Immoralism?
8. Is Emotivistic Moral Nihilism Rationally Consistent?
9. Examining Some Alleged Divine Attributes
10. Hell as the Absence of God
11. God and Goodness
12. Is It Just A Mystery Whether God Exists?
13. Faith and Democracy

Philosophy and Media:

1. On The Uses And Abuses Of Religion In Art: The Lines Between Expression, Tolerance, Respect, Fear, and Torture
2. Justice, Order, and Chaos: The Dialectical Tensions In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight
3. On The Themes and the Quality of The Dark Knight Trilogy
4. Why Anakin’s Conversion to the Dark Side Made Sense
5. “The Circle”: A Prequel To Our Coming Digital Dystopia
6. Chronicle
7. 3 Jesus Christs And A Shrink With A God Complex: On Ariadne Blayde’s “Go Down Into Silence”
8. The Problematic Use of Skeptics in Supernatural Shows
9. Humanizing Humanists: Sylvia Broeckx’s Hug An Atheist
10. “Therapeutic Projection” or “How Lars and the Real Girl Made Me Cry”
11. I’m a Muppet of a Man, I’m a Very Manly Muppet
12. Tegan and Sara Pose With Black Eyes—Is It Wise?
13. Misogyny At The Movies: A 50/50 Film Review
14. The Atheist Philosophy Professor Strikes Back! (Or, “You’re Right, God’s Not Dead, But He Will Be When I’m Done With Him!”)
15. A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God
16. How God’s Not Dead Makes Christians Look Even Worse Than It Makes Atheists Look
17. What Makes Some Evangelicals So Intolerable
18. Why I Wrote A Bad Movie Review of God’s Not Dead
19. God Is In The House
20. Will The Real Atheists Please Stop Kneeling

Philosophy of Philosophy:

1. Don’t Think of Philosophies As Diametrically Opposed
2. On Forbidding Philosophies
3. What Should Atheistic Philosophy of Religion Do?
4. In Defense of the Principle of Charity and Reading Dead Philosophers Charitably
5. I Read Nietzsche As A Philosopher, Not Only As A Historical Scholar
6. Skeptic Canary Interview on Philosophy, Science, and Morality
7. An Impassioned Defense of The Pursuit of Philosophical Questions
8. Why Even We Openminded Philosophers Sometimes Come Off As Dogmatic
9. A Critique of Noble Lies and the “Theologies” They Create.
10. Tyler Cowen, Socrates, and How To Be Suspicious of Stories
11. Anti-Accommodationism is Pro-Philosophy
12. On The Supposed Irrelevance of Philosophy to Most People (Defending Philosophy)
13. Defending Philosophy 1: A Reply To Dr. Coyne
14. Fighting the Dictionary
15. The Future of Philosophy PublishingOn the Pros and Cons of Blogging as a Preferred Medium for Philosophy
16. Some Qualifications of my Suggestion for Moving Philosophy Debates to the Internet
17. Is it Too Risky to Debate Morality’s Foundations in the Public Square?
18. Does Being A Theologian Require Being A Religious Believer?
19. Doing Philosophy Beyond The Academy

Philosophy of Religion:

1. Why I Bother Writing About the Boring Question of Whether Religious Beliefs Are True
2. Understand Why and How Metaphors Work in Practice
3. Don’t Treat All of Religion as a Monolith.
4. Address The Question of “True Religion” With Nuance
5. Understand Religions in their Contexts
6. The Dangers of Religion Itself
7. How Faith Poisons Religion
8. Why Let The Fundamentalists Define Their Religions?
9. Religious Error Theory
10. In Defense of the Honestly Atheistic Approach to Conservative Christians
11. On Criticizing Religious Statements in the Wake of Tragedy
12. In Defense of Trying To Deconvert People
13. I Get Why You Doubt God’s Existence–But Why Do You Doubt MINE?
14. Am I Saying All Atheists MUST Argue Against Theists?
15. Why I’m Not Shutting Up About Atheism
16. My Thoughts on Blasphemy Day
17. Islam, 9/11, and “True Religion” (Or “What Could George W. Bush Mean When Talking About True Islam?”)
18. “True” Chrisianity?
19. “True” Christianity? (part 2)
20. No More Theology Departments?
21. When (And How) Should We Bother To Push The Issues?
22. Religion And The Alternatives Of Modernity and Post-Modernity
23. On What Counts As A Theological Position


1. Why Barack Obama does Deserve A Nobel Peace Prize Already
2. Thoughts and Questions About Obama
3. On What’s Presidential, What’s Creepy, and What’s Mitt Romney
4. Moral Luck, Sarah Palin, And The “Targeting” Of Gabrielle Giffords


1. Mormon Apologist Uses Photo of The Dead Bodies of Lynched Blacks As A Gag Prop
2. You Glance Out Your Window and See a Shackled Black Slave and a Slavery-Justifying Bible Verse. What Do You Think?


1. 10 Reasons To Scrutinize A Candidate’s Faith (or not)
2. Why Clergy Rightfully Have No Place At A 9/11 Memorial (Or Any Civic Ceremonies)
3. Faith and Democracy
4. How Christian Beliefs And Values Are No More Creditable With America’s Founding Than Islamic Ones
5. Jon Stewart Considers “In God We Trust” Debate Just A Waste of Time Distraction. Is It?
6. How Scalia Judges Based On Faith-Based, Religious Metaphysics
7. Questions For Those Who Oppose The Wall of Separation Between Church and State
8. Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?
9. On The Conflict Over The Meaning And Cultural Influence of Political Secularism
10. Religious Privilege and Grievance-Based Catholic Identity Politics
11. The Religious Conservative’s False Choice: “Big Brother” Or “Heavenly Father”
12. It’s About What The 1st Amendment Should Mean
13. Memorializing Ethnic Jews With The Star of David Is NOT Imposing Judaism or Religiosity on Non-Jewish Americans
14. Transcript & Video of CWH Show on Ohio Holocaust Memorial Designs
15. Why Was The Reason Rally An Atheist Rally, Instead of Just a Secularist One?
16. The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Republican to Represent Secularists
17. Why The Freethinker Community Should Outspokenly Applaud Jon Huntsman
18. The Author of The Cranston High School Prayer Outraged
19. France Considers Banning Burqas in Public and I Consider Haidt on Pluralism
20. Playing Sarkozy’s Advocate [In Hypothetical Defense of France Banning Burqas in Public]
21. Discrimination Against Atheist Invocations by Local Legislatures


1. Hot Passionate Rational Sex
2. How to Create The Sexual Utopia
3. A Debate About The Value of Permanent Promiscuity
4. Moral Perfectionism, Moral Pragmatism, Free Love Ethics, and Adultery
5. On The Ethics of “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Babies”
6. A Debate About The Wisdom of Trying To Deconvert People
7. The Brothel Next Door
8. Are Sex and Morality Merely “Evolutionary Tricks?”

Sex and Religion:

1. Before and After I Deconverted: The Development of My Sexual Imagination
2. How My Personal Sexual Evolution Makes Me Loathe Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming
3. On Backdoor Ways to Keep Your Virginity (and Defend Your Faith)
4. “You Can’t Stop Teenagers From Having Sex”
5. Sex and Spirituality


1. Why Atheism Is Important To Advancing Proper Skepticism
2. The Problematic Use of Skeptics in Supernatural Shows
3. Atheism Is Not Just A Subset of Skepticism
4. Addressing Skepticism About Atheism’s Value To Skepticism
5. On Zealously, Tentatively, and Perspectivally Holding Viewpoints
6. Atheists Have Affirmative Positions On The Status Of Evidence And On The Standards Of Belief
7. Why You Cannot Prove Inductive Reasoning Is Faith-Based Reasoning But Instead Only Assert That By Faith
8. Believing Too Little Is As Bad As Believing Too Much
9. How I Deconverted, It Started With Humean Skepticism
10. How I Deconverted, I Became A Christian Relativist
11. Clarifying The Relationships Between Dogmatism, Skepticism, And Properly Proportioned Belief

Social Media:

1. Social Media and the Gregarious Hermit
2. Dear Cryptically Sad Friend On Facebook
3. Dear Schmugglepoo and Cutesy Bear Expressing Your Love on Facebook
4. Alain de Botton on Meeting Strangers
5. How I Friend, Unfriend, Block, and Enforce Civility on Facebook


1. Robin Williams’s Verdict on Life
2. Ray Comfort Exploits An Atheist’s Suicide With Reckless Disregard For Atheists’ Mental Health
3. Atheist Blogger Exploits A Girl’s Suicide To Malign Religion
4. No, A Belief In The Afterlife Alone Cannot Be Responsible For A Suicide


1. A Statement Of My Teaching Philosophy
2. How My Atheism Affects My Philosophy Class
3. Is Philosophy Just A Guy Thing? Not In My Classroom. (A Response To William Lane Craig)
4. A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God
5. My Philosophy on What the Best Freethinking and Free Speech Really Entail
6. Training Students To Think For Themselves
7. How I Teach People To Play Chess
8. Meditations on How to Be Powerful, Fearsome, Empowering, and Loved
9. The Value of an Education
10. On The Goals Of Introductory Philosophy Courses
11. Philosophy Not As Exceptional, But As Specialized
12. On The Various Disciplines’ Resources For Engaging The Enduring Questions


1. Are Sex and Morality Merely “Evolutionary Tricks?”
2. Natural Functions
3. Can Good Teaching Be Measured?
4. Some People Live Better As Short-Lived Football or Boxing Stars Than As Long Lived Philosophers

1. The Contexts, Objective Hierarchies, and Spectra of Goods and Bads (Or “Why Murder Is Bad”)
2. Goodness Is A Factual Matter (Goodness=Effectiveness)
3. Grounding Objective Value Independent Of Human Interests And Moralities
4. Non-Reductionistic Analysis Of Values Into Facts
5. Effectiveness Is The Primary Goal In Itself, Not Merely A Means
6. Moral vs. Non-Moral Values
7. Subjective Valuing And Objective Values
8. Pleasure And Pain As Intrinsic Instrumental Goods
9. The Objective Value of Ordered Complexity
10. Some Variant Meanings of “Intrinsic Value”

Virtues and Vices:

1. Rightful Pride: Identification With One’s Own Admirable Powers And Effects
2. The Harmony Of Humility And Pride
3. Atheist Humility
4. On Unintentionally Intimidating People
5. Meditations on How to Be Powerful, Fearsome, Empowering, and Loved
6. On the Ethics of Teasing and Mocking People, in Groups, in Friendships, and in Debates and Satire
7. Is It Ever Good To Be Annoying?
8. On Not-Pologies, Forgiveness, and Gelato
9. The Dubious Value of Interpersonal Charity
10. Yes, We Can Blame People For Their Feelings, Not Just Their Actions
11. Confidence vs. Self-Confidence (and the Will to Power)
12. Judging Yourself Truthfully
13. Will Power, Humility, Discipline
14. Character As Fate and Environment as Variability
15. What’s Wrong With Prejudice And Is It Prejudicial To Dislike Someone Over His Bad Thinking? 
16. Jon Stewart Against Dogma and Extremism But Not “Religion” 
17. Thoughts on Style, Dignity, and Virtuous Self-Formation
18. Sincerity, Hypocrisy, and Mark Sanford
19. Moral Philosophers, Role Models, and Hypocrisy
20. On Teleology and Intellectual Virtues and Vices
21. Intent Is Not Magic But It Matters