Here’s an Idea for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (That Doesn’t Involve Green Beer)

Here’s an Idea for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (That Doesn’t Involve Green Beer) March 5, 2018

This year, for St. Patrick’s day, why not take a Celtic spirituality e-course?

Alternatively, give the course as a gift to a friend!

Click here to learn more about an e-course called “Celtic Spirituality: At the Edge of Mystery.” It’s an on-demand course which I developed last fall in partnership with the good folks at Spirituality & Practice.

My new book on Celtic spirituality will be published in the fall of 2018. But you can get a sneak peek at some of the themes I explore in the book by taking my Celtic spirituality e-course.

Here’s the description of the course:

Shrouded in legend and imbued with romance, the Celtic lands such as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have produced a surprising number of saints and spiritual guides, both ancient and contemporary. From the mythic stories of goddesses and heroes, to the holistic mysticism of the earliest Celtic Christians, to the wisdom of modern visionaries, Celtic spirituality has ancient roots yet remains deeply relevant for our time.

Celtic spirituality is focus of our new e-course, aptly subtitled “At the Edge of Mystery.” Consider it a pilgrimage into one of the best examples of everyday spirituality. Celtic wisdom and poetry ​encourages us to recognize the holy all around us, honors and protects the sacred earth, gives inspiration to free our creative voice, and presents a holistic path that links the quest for holiness with ​an ​embodied​​ sense of Divine love. Here is an opportunity to drink from the holy wells of ancient myths and folklore and discover how the blessings of this venerable wisdom tradition can bring us meaning, purpose, and guidance today.

Your guide on this exploration will be Carl McColman, author of numerous books including 366 Celt, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, and Befriending Silence. He is profiled in S&P’s Living Spiritual Teacher’s Project. An American of Scottish ancestry, Carl weaves his love for Celtic poetry and stories with an inclusive embrace of mystical wisdom, including both the mythic lore of the ancient druids and the luminous earthiness of Celtic Christians. His vision of spirituality is grounded in hospitality, steeped in celebration, and committed to new pathways toward healing and inner/outer transformation.

You will receive 12 emails during this course, with a start date and a pace that you choose. The emails will include:

  • Creative conversations on topics such as the Celtic approach to meditation, the insights found in ancient poems and stories, the rhythms of the sacred year, and the secrets of the grail quest;
  • Prayers and blessings to weave the Celtic way of seeing throughout your day;
  • A recording of a teleconference with Carl McColman held on October 18, 2017, when this course was live.
  • Practice suggestions from this tradition and an invitation to record your insights and experiences in a journal that you keep for the course.

We invite you to join us in “Celtic Spirituality: At the Edge of Mystery.” Please be prepared to allow this course to touch both mind and heart, for every sip of water from a Celtic holy well contains a blessing that could change your life forever.

Click here to Register for this Course.

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