Kids Corner Review – Can You Find Saints?

Kids Corner Review – Can You Find Saints? June 10, 2014

Laura is back with another review for the Kids Corner.

My kids love “Look and Find” books. They are usually fighting over them and when one of my children does sit down to look this type of book over, the other one is peering over their shoulder trying to find everything first! So I was very excited when I discovered the “Search and Learn” book Can You Find Saints?: Introducing Your Child to Holy Men and Women by Philip D. Gallery and illustrated by Janet L. Harlow. It’s not quite as tall as most “Look and Find” books, but is still a nice-sized book packed full of hidden things and people to find with a Catholic twist. This particular book is just one of four books in the delightful “Search and Learn” series.

The book is divided into two parts. Part One consists of thirteen “Searches”. Each search has a different theme. For example – Saints from the Bible, Saints Listed in the Liturgy of the Mass, Saints Who Were Pope, Saints Who Founded Orders, Saints Whose Lives are celebrated on Special Feast Days, Saints Who are Patrons of People, Places, and Things, and more. Part Two is the Parent’s Guide. This section is written to the parent helping them as they navigate throughout the book with their child. It guides the parent through each search providing them topics to discuss and explanations to present to the child. This section is very helpful for those who want to take this book one step further and initiate a deeper discussion on the saints found or the searches’ theme. The book also contains words in italics throughout the book which are defined in the handy glossary at the back of the book.

This book is an entertaining and exciting way for young children to discover many well-known, as well as, lesser-known saints. Although each search has the child finding 6-7 saints with very brief info on them, the illustrations are overflowing with many heavenly people! Thankfully the saints in the pictures includes their name, usually on a sash they are wearing, so if the reader is unfamiliar with something in the picture (such as a saint shown with a deer), they can easily go elsewhere to look-up the saint and find out why. The illustrations are at times amusing and keep the reader coming back to look through the colorful pages. Every time this book was picked-up by my daughters something new in the pictures was discovered. This book is an amusing way to introduce or even review saints for children as they hopefully learn to follow Jesus from these holy men and women who now live with Him in heaven. The last search of this book sums it up nicely – we are all called to be saints because we are all “Saints in the Making”.


We received a copy of the book for this review from the publisher, Franciscan Media.

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