CBB Featured CD – Meet Your Mother: An Introduction to Mary

CBB Featured CD – Meet Your Mother: An Introduction to Mary October 6, 2014

This week I am featuring this great title by Dr. Mark Miravalle,  Meet Your Mother: An Introduction to Mary.

Meet you r mother

Click the cover image above  to purchase this talk or any other Lighthouse Catholic Media talks as either a CD or MP3 download.

This was a great talk on our Blessed Mother. As a convert I found myself learning more than a few things on Catholic teaching on her role as Mother of Our Lord. This is one I recommend for sure.


In this CD, Dr. Mark Miravalle—a professor who has taught and written about Mary for over 25 years—covers most of the major teachings about the Mother of Jesus. He introduces and explores the truth about Mary that will renew your existing knowledge and love for the woman divinely appointed to bring Jesus into the world.

“An absolutely astounding CD… Jaw-dropping! This is an historical teaching that everyone needs to hear!” Cheryl, Vernon NJ
“This erases any doubt Christians may have about Mary’s universal motherhood.” Diane, Rockwall TX
“Very inspiring… This provided additional insights on our Blessed Mother.” Andrew, Sikeston MO
“Absolutely the best talk on the Church’s beliefs about Mary that I’ve ever heard! Every cradle Catholic, every priest, and every RCIA program should make this CD available to anyone who wants to know more about the Blessed Mother.” Ida, Leesburg IN
“The best presentation on Mary that I’ve ever heard!” Norm, Biloxi MS


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