CBB Review – Summer Meditations

CBB Review – Summer Meditations June 30, 2016


Just a few short months ago I shared with you a little seasonal meditation book by Father John Bartunek called Spring Meditations. Just as surely as we went from spring to summer we also have another book in the series. Summer Meditations is your twelve week companion through the season of summer and like its spring counterpart this little book is a deep source for renewal.

This book offers twelve weekly meditations, one for each week of the season, just like the spring volume. This time around we focus on Wisdom, Hospitality, Endurance, Kindness, Modesty, Playfulness, Remembrance, Celebration, Excellence, Peace, Determination, and Forgiveness. Just like the spring book we are presented these twelve virtues to encourage us to slow down, breathe deep, and enjoy the surroundings of the season.

Summer is a time of relaxation. An opportunity to recharge our batteries in the great outdoors. “Most people what kind of vacation during the summer months. We need vacations. We need time to rest, to relax, to recover from the demanding physical, mental, and psychological exertions required in this world.” The important thing to remember is it is a great time to reconnect with our Creator as well. When you are out and about this summer take those moments of solitude with God’s creation and use them to deepen your appreciation and love for him.

Father Bartunek eloquently describes summer in a picturesque way. “Summer is a gentle season. It is kind. The lush green grass invites you to lie down and relax, to stay on your back and watch the blue sky and powdery clouds dance lazily on by. They even say the gazing on the color green, the dominant color of the summer months, produces relaxing physiological effects. The warm sun caresses your skin and makes you smile. The balmy breezes give you hugs that make you want to run and jump and play. Even some of the thorn bushes become friendly, offering wild berries to delete your palate and nourish your body. Summer is kind and beautiful.”

I pointed out in my review of Spring Meditations that there is a definite need to unplug from the world and technology from time to time. This book continues the path Father Bartunek laid in the spring and provides the tools to successfully connect with nature and meditate upon the seasons beauty. “We don’t need scientific studies to tell us that today’s culture is out of touch with nature, though plenty of such studies exist”.

In our technology driven world most people tend to allow the natural wonder of God’s creation pass them by. As the seasons pass from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter and back to Spring once more, the only way nature grabs people’s attention is during a mishap. For the believer there is much untapped spiritual potential in simply walking outdoors, taking a deep breath and gazing upon God’s handiwork. Father John Bartunek has given another reason to slow down and meditate on and with the world around us. Like Spring Meditations, Summer Meditations packs a spiritual punch. I anxiously await to see what the fall brings.


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