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Explore the miraculous April 4, 2017

miracles_spotlightWhat are miracles and why does God make them happen? Do they hold any importance for us today? How can we tell if something is a legitimate miracle or not? Did God put that image of Jesus in your pancake at breakfast this morning or was that just your imagination working overtime? All these questions and more are answered in the book Miracles (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers Book 18) by Karlo Broussard. The booklet is part of a 20 booklet set from Catholic Answers called conveniently enough…..20 Answers.

Karlo first tackles the big question. What is a miracle? He expertly unpacks this question providing a three-part answer that lays the foundation for the rest of the booklet. After establishing the what we head into the why. God allows these miracles to occur but what is their purpose? There are a number of possible explanations for this but as Karlo points out, “The bottom line is that miracles testify to God’s love for humanity.”

This deep dive look at miracles does not end there. In this booklet (and another play off the 20 Answers series) there are a total of twenty questions answered about miracles. There were a few sections I really liked and will share here.
What have been the most famous Catholic healing miracles? Karlo details the amazing healing of a blind from birth child at the age of seven by Padre Pio. Also covered are two approved healings at Lourdes.

What are the miracles of Lanciano and Siena? These two eucharistic miracles are amazing stories to familiarize yourself with.
What are some examples of incorruptible saints? Karlo discusses the three most famous: St. Bernadettee Soubirous, St. Catherine Laboure, Bl. Margaret of Castello.

Much more ground is covered in this 68-page booklet. I point the length out as these booklets are easily read….even by those who do not like to read. This leads me to the rest of the series. This series covers the gambit of Catholic topics providing solid answers to many questions we are often faced with. Some of the 20 titles include Abortion, Atheism, End of Life Issues, Faith & Science, Angels & Demons, The Eucharist, and Salvation. Each of the booklets come in around the same mid-60-page count. They are quick reads and are perfect for handing out to people in your life who may have questions on these topics.

Miracles by Karlo Broussard was a short but fascinating read. It is well grounded in the truth, thoroughly researched and easily digestible. I highly recommend it and all of the other titles in the Catholic Answer 20 Questions series.


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