February 19, 2024

Witches didn’t do that 500 years ago! This is a claim of a particularly awful meme making its rounds online. It’s not as though meme’s are every a good way of getting spiritual information, but some of them are truly terrible. Today I witnessed such a terrible meme that proclaimed: Witches didn’t do that 500 years ago! They didn’t need stores! A little history, if I may… So, for context, 500 years ago was 1522. If you were a Witch... Read more

February 11, 2024

What is a Pagan Altar, really? Pagan or Witch altars are some of the most evocative images out there that get people interested in what a pagan practice might entail. Do you remember when you were new to the path and all of those images of altars really spoke to you, on a soul level? You weren’t sure exactly why but… wow they were magical! Or perhaps you’re new to the path and have that excitement right now, and have... Read more

January 21, 2024

Goddess Brigid As a Celtic Witch, and a Druid in training, The Goddess Brigid has always meant a great deal to me. Imbolc was the first ever Sabbat I celebrated with other people – many, many, moons ago now… in a cold forest in Kent with snow still on the ground, we sat in Circle and made wishes for the coming year. It was a beautiful ceremony and I will never forget it. To this day, The Goddess Brigid holds... Read more

January 2, 2024

Are new years’ resolutions a waste of magic? New Year, New You? It’s that time of the (new) year again when arguments inevitably break out as to the value of making new years’ resolutions! In one corner! We have the hopefuls with their brand new diaries, journals, and hope and dreams, and in the other we have the realists, refuting all value to the new year whatsoever! And in the crowd we have people cheering for them to be right/wrong…... Read more

December 19, 2023

Spirits of Winter As Witches and spiritual folk, we believe that we’re all connected, and that everything has a spirit. In my practice, I believe that the entire point of life is to create memories, which are fed into the collective soul memory. These memories endure. When Winter settles in, we are confronted by the reality of a world built on hustle culture, and as nature slows down and demands rest, we can feel deeply unsettled. We’re at odds with... Read more

December 11, 2023

How to Hedge Witch through Winter Winter can be one of the more difficult months to feel connected to the natural world, because modern life is at odds with what is happening in nature. The modern world never stops: artificial light, constant deliveries, social media and everything on demand. It can make the same demands of the people living under it too. Winter is the opposite – a time for slowing down, increasing darkness, and rest. No wonder so many... Read more

September 27, 2023

Group work There has been something on my mind of late – the unwritten rules of how to behave when in group settings. This is in person, although it could apply to online groups as well. I have been ruminating on it because I only have my opinion on the matter, and well, I was brought up by a Welsh Nana, who taught us that manners were of paramount importance. She instilled in us that it was polite and correct... Read more

September 5, 2023

Image – Pixelshot / Canvapro When Witches Attack Over the weekend, I was part of the first World Goddess Day Fayre ran by the Priestesses of Kernow in Cornwall. Generally, this was a lovely event. I was a part of the priestess rituals, I voice-cleansed the temple space in the Celtic traditional way, and I was also a vendor. But before the doors were even open, another woman came over to see what I was selling. In that moment, she... Read more

August 27, 2023

image Jadethaicatwalk/gettyimages The Morrigan and Myth Mythology is a fascinating subject. I love stories more than I can express, and when working with a Goddess in your spiritual path it is important to engage with the stories that surround her. I am not a reconstructionist. There are others who are, who will give you that particular view point, but instead I am an evolutionist – I believe in both the importance of the mythology, and the evolution of Deity. Sticking... Read more

August 21, 2023

  Priestess of The Morrigan Just over ten years ago, I began publicly speaking about working with the Goddess Morrigan. The journey had begun long before that. The road had been long, arduous, and painful. I was a survivor. I had seen and experienced parts of humanity I would not wish on anyone. Ten years ago I began speaking on my experiences as a form of service to The Morrigan, and with the hope to grow my understanding of what... Read more

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