September 5, 2023

Image – Pixelshot / Canvapro When Witches Attack Over the weekend, I was part of the first World Goddess Day Fayre ran by the Priestesses of Kernow in Cornwall. Generally, this was a lovely event. I was a part of the priestess rituals, I voice-cleansed the temple space in the Celtic traditional way, and I was also a vendor. But before the doors were even open, another woman came over to see what I was selling. In that moment, she... Read more

August 27, 2023

image Jadethaicatwalk/gettyimages The Morrigan and Myth Mythology is a fascinating subject. I love stories more than I can express, and when working with a Goddess in your spiritual path it is important to engage with the stories that surround her. I am not a reconstructionist. There are others who are, who will give you that particular view point, but instead I am an evolutionist – I believe in both the importance of the mythology, and the evolution of Deity. Sticking... Read more

August 21, 2023

  Priestess of The Morrigan Just over ten years ago, I began publicly speaking about working with the Goddess Morrigan. The journey had begun long before that. The road had been long, arduous, and painful. I was a survivor. I had seen and experienced parts of humanity I would not wish on anyone. Ten years ago I began speaking on my experiences as a form of service to The Morrigan, and with the hope to grow my understanding of what... Read more

August 15, 2023

If you’re interested in Witchcraft, there is a good chance that you’re totally in love with trees. Their wonderfully gnarled branches, their twisting roots that sprawl over moss covered forest floors, their leaves shifting in tune to the seasons… there is something so magical, so awe-inspiring about them. Even people who have little to no interest in the magical world around them acknowledge how wonderful trees are! When you learn about the history of Druidry, it comes as little surprise... Read more

August 9, 2023

Stories as energy If there is one thing I have always been certain of, it is the magick of the storyteller. When we embrace stories and our ability to weave them, we embark on a different kind of magical practice. The way words can weave new worlds from thin air, taking you on a journey to far off lands, emotionally connect you to people who may not even exist – in the conventional sense at least – is absolutely fascinating.... Read more

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