Witchcraft, actually…

Witchcraft, actually… June 24, 2024
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Witchcraft, actually… The problems of oversimplifying Spirituality

Hello all, firstly a quick apology for being away so long (I have been deeply unwell, but I am finally on the mend).
Have you ever noticed the over-simplification of Witchcraft on social media? I have. It can be really damaging, so I thought I would address some of these…

Claims and counterclaims

★Claim: A witch isn’t something you buy!!!
★WELL ACTUALLY… buying from and supportive spiritual and witch business is a regular part of community where you buy products and services from witches. This has been going on since it was a barter system and witches were not called witches…
A really long time in human history. Trade is natural. Stop demonizing it.
★Claim: A Witch isn’t something you wear!
★WELL ACTUALLY… I get that people get annoyed when its all aesthetics and no substance. Seriously, I get it. But do you know how lucky we are to have access to “witchy” clothing and be able to wear it? AND there are witches who make and sell clothing. AND colour magick within clothing and magick in jewellery is AS OLD AS TIME. Witchcraft is definitely something you wear!!! And if a person chooses to dress witchy… let them?
★Claim: A witch isn’t something you post…
★WELL ACTUALLY…I assume this is online post rather than putting things in the mail. SO… censorship, witches? HECK TO THE NAH. Witches have been writing about their experiences for a while, and those make good resources (hopefully) for others. Writing online is not that different. There are good useful books and ones people think are… less so. Critical thinking is key, and unfortunately, so is spotting AI authored nonsense.
★Claim: A witch isn’t something you act like…
★WELL ACTUALLY… this part of the post insinuates that acting like something is different from embodying it. And again, I get the frustration. There are definitely those who scam people, claiming to be spiritual and selling fake stuff from china, and so forth. So, I get it. But here is the problem with memes.
And no one has the right to tell someone how a witch acts unless they are deliberately conning people.
Many blessings,
Joey Morris
About Joey Morris
Joey Morris is a Celtic Hedgewitch, Priestess of the Morrigan, author, and creatrix behind Starryeyedsupplies. Having shared a prolific amount of information surrounding topics of Paganism, Celtic Hedge Witchcraft via Youtube since 2012, Joey has been serving the pagan community with videos, books, sacred poetry and physical witch items for over ten years. Trained as a priestess, and running an in person Moonlodge, she has a unique perspective on integrating Celtic paganism for a modern age You can read more about the author here. You can read more about the author here.

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