September 12, 2023

There are days when you get up and go and go and go and go and you get home and the moment you sit, people say, “Oh, good, you’re here. Can you…”  and they don’t really mean “can you?”  They mean, help, do, now.   My brain felt like a turkey in the oven with the thermometer popped out.    “I’m done.” I wanted to say.  My spirit felt unwilling.  However, I also know sometimes, love means you do when you... Read more

September 8, 2023

I’d vowed to write five hundred words each day but life got in the way.  It’s so easy to slip when there’s errands and Back to School night at not one, not two, but three different schools on the same night, for three children at one, and where you’re the teacher at another.   We came home, ate ordered pizza and watched the first two episodes of season 4 of Lower Decks, a guilty pleaure for it’s decidely R content at... Read more

September 6, 2023

Today, I know it wasn’t so hot one could fry eggs on the car, but the AC not working well made one wonder whether the case of water I left in the trunk might not be safe to drink.  It’s possible the plastic containers began to decompose during the five plus hours of work. To frame this properly for those sitting in air conditioned coolness or places that do not simulate the surface of the sun, my dog is currently... Read more

September 5, 2023

These days, my ugly list never seems to shrink. For those unfamiliar with this term, I always have an ugly list. I update it monthly.  It includes all those things that no one wants to do, but need doing.  Since as a writer, one must show, not tell, here’s my show and tell: I’m currently trying to teach two unwilling teens to drive so they can move beyond the learners’ permit.  We also are filling out two passport applications that... Read more

August 23, 2023

Next week, the new school year starts. I’m not ready. As such, we’ve spent this week preparing and brainstorming about various assignments and skills we hope to teach in the coming weeks. One big project is to write an essay in which the authors reflect on what themes emerge from their lives up to now.  I tossed my brain back to circa 1980 and came up with what would have been mine.  “She didn’t make the team, but she hasn’t... Read more

August 13, 2023

Spend more time with Him, and you will find yourself much less interesting.   Adoration always sets me straight. So also does real prayer –which often happens when I think it isn’t. God loves to catch my attention and catch me by surprise by answering prayers I’ve thrown at Him in the moment.  Yesterday I told God as I thought about when our schedule would allow for mass, “Lord, I miss receiving under both species. I’d really love to receive the... Read more

August 8, 2023

So last week, I wanted to treat myself after a morning of filling out financial aid forms, getting myself and two of my children to doctors appointments at three seperate times, two at the same place.   I opted to go shopping, as my husband got us tickets to Pink!’s Summer Carnival.  Pat Benatar was the opening act, and I’ve always loved her. My wardrobe however screamed, “Stay at home Mom and teacher.”  I wanted something “cool” for the show.   Going... Read more

July 24, 2023

This weekend, I saw that movie about the doll that everyone is talking about.  It reminded me of another movie I saw this summer, about an octogenerian archeologist who fights Natzis.  In both cases, it felt like people wrote scripts over the course of a month that included lots of sub plots they forgot about. In the doll movie, the Will Ferrell character and his board of yes men don’t go anywhere meaningful. They neither threaten nor amuse.  I thought,... Read more

July 18, 2023

Last week, I irritated people online.  Some people who profess to be Catholic were engaged in heretical thinking about trivialities and lording their own holiness over others for failing to fall in line with what they thought.  What those folks thought was not in keeping with Catholic or even Christian thought. It was myopic and mysognistic and delusionally messianic.   They were wrong. However, God in His infinite mercy, allows us to be wrong. He gives us the free will to... Read more

July 16, 2023

Love always involves sacrifice. Being a mom or a dad is difficult because the world always tells  you, you will be drained, you will be unfulfilled, and that pursuing what you want is antithetical to family life.  Life is about sacrifice and making choices, no question. Sometimes however, in surrendering what you want, you find something infinitely richer and better.  God works that way. He’s not out to get you, or deny you joy.  He’s there to invite you into... Read more

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