Agent of W.I.N.E. Just in Time

Agent of W.I.N.E. Just in Time April 18, 2021

As a freelancer, I write for many different publications and am as a result, a member of the Women of New Evangelization, W.I.N.E.   It’s a lovely acronym, accurate and biblical, and memorable.  Over the year of Corona, we watched all seven seasons of Agents of Shield, and even now, I still need to look up Strategic Homeland Intervetion Enforcement and Logistics Division.  But WINE, I remember easily.

I bring up this little bit of trivia from my brain for two reasons.   Over at W.I.N.E, I have a piece

Additionally, I received a package including a book to which I contributed:

I’m letting you know about this wonderful devotional with reflections and prayers and reminders to help get through all that life throws at us in the course of every day because Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and someone you know, might need some spiritual encouragement, not just today but every day, so that they can go on doing what God asks of them with joyful hearts.  After all, we’ve all been “Called by Name.”

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