September 24, 2021

This is something I wrote back in 2015 on Facebook. I was focusing on the unborn.

With respect to the unborn and specifically, those unborn and diagnosed with disabilities: There is no one more fragile than one no one has to see, no one has to hear, no one has to know about. There is no one more poor than one who has no say, no choice, and no chance except by the grace and mercy, charity and courage of others.

These little ones die baptized in blood and water; so I think there will be a great multitude in heaven of never before heard voices, and we will wonder how we bore this earth without hearing their songs.

This is what I am adding as of 2021, as all of us are still just as vulnerable as those within the womb, we just do not recognize, we are always at the mercy of each other. It is time to work to make the world more welcoming to all of us.

It is a tragedy, that we’ve created a society where the best option we present as a society is to destroy or ignore anyone, sight unseen, and proclaim it a good. It is a tragedy that we do not provide the societal supports and love to those who feel trapped and desperate, afraid and alone. It is a tragedy we if we opened our hearts and homes and wallets and schedules, could prevent, if only we provided sanctuary to those who needed it.

There are many invisible: the homeless, the elderly, the mentally ill, the immigrant, the poor, always the poor, the sick, the abused, the neglected, the addicted, the imprisoned, the weak, the afraid, the lost and the lonely.

Somewhere in the list, we are and the Calcutta we’re called to serve, is. It is almost always found at or within our doors, and expands ever outward. Saint Mother Teresa said, “If you want to save the world, go and love your family.” Expanding on that, we are our brother’s keeper, and as such, there isn’t someone we shouldn’t be seeking to be loving towards. Joyce wrote, “Here comes everybody.” and that’s who we’re supposed to go get, to bring everyone to the table, to invite everyone to be at the feast.

The solution to all of the world’s problems is generosity of spirit born out through words, deeds, policy and time. They are infinite solutions to problems that seem infinite, but they require willing souls that every day, even after days where they’ve failed, begin again at the hard work of being a salve to the world’s wounds. It is one person, one soul, one moment at a time and does not make the news, but it is the good news. It’s not that we will solve all of the world’s problems, but we can be part of life’s solution.

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