Glimpses May 12, 2022

Each month is a different intention (focus) in my prayer life.  Since I have ten children and a husband, each of us gets a month deliberately dedicated with petitions.  What I can tell you, is I see the results.  I don’t tell the kids which month is theirs, or even that I’m doing this, but there is a visible tangible difference.   A favorite priest of mine (has a podcast) talked about his family having a day a week devoted, which fit their family since there were five kids.  So what I would urge everyone to do, is consider their own family, and discern the devotion that will allow them to really dedicate time to a particular person each day 365 a year.

Being Catholic means integrating who we are, back into God’s heart as much as we will allow.  We’re called to be saints, and we have to hope one day, people will turn to our lives for inspiration –which means we need to be about the business of creating those traditions now.   I thought of a friend who buys candles with the saints on them for those who face trials –she matches the candle to their devotions or needs, and it is bringing light to the heart and soul of the recipient.  Another says a daily rosary, a third attends daily mass.   My own spiritual devotions are fitful –right now, I’m listening to a bible in the year and the Youtube of the daily mass when I can.   I’ve been a rosary devotee at times, gone to adoration, and attempted various devotions –so I’d say I’m a sampler –which may not be very useful from an imitative standpoint.  However I’m hoping to spin it as spiritual taps –appetizers –I just hope to get you in the door.

Here are some ideas for you and your family:

1) The Divine Mercy Chaplet.
2) Reading the daily readings.
3) Adoration hour.
4) Daily mass.
5) Emergency Novena
6) Liturgy of the Hours.
7) Daily Angelus
8) Daily Examen

9) Petitions each day in the car.
10) Reading a spiritual book a little at a time every day.
11) watching a film a week (family film night) that raises a question.
12) Saint Michael prayer every day.
13) Learning about a different saint (their whole life) over the course of a week –52 saints in the year.
14) saying a psalm a day.
15) There are 14 acts of mercy –pick a different one to practice for every 3 1/2 weeks.
16) There are 10 Commandments.  Spend a month reflecting on/teaching/really learning each.
17) There are eight Beatitudes.  Six and a half weeks on each.
18) The Bible in a Year Podcast
19) Reading aloud the reflection from the Magnifcat.
20) Weekly fast (small) posted on the fridge.
21) Weekly alms giving –deliberate and by all.

These are just the beginnings of ideas –but they are springboards for all the ideas out there that both reflect your family and reveal Christ’s love for the world and desire to heal it through our hands and hearts and efforts.  So pick a means that reflects the ministry you and your family have been uniquely called by God to witness and let’s all get to work.

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