And Now, I Know Why We’re Not Going Anywhere…until I am Not In Charge

And Now, I Know Why We’re Not Going Anywhere…until I am Not In Charge July 11, 2022

In college, I took the GRE and there were all these analytical questions where if A equals C and B and D cannot be near X, where does Y go?  I thought it was to see if we could logic it out in a short period of time.

Here’s what I know.

However, now, I have learned the true purpose.

It was to plan family reunions with adult children.

This may or may not happen in the future –I will need a steady stream of self-medication (chocolate and diet coke to those who don’t know) plus a flow chart to make it a reality.  It did take five people and a running total of 9 degrees between them to figure this out.

Child A lives far away and cannot come for the whole time.
Child B has classes and will come the day Child A returns to where Child A lives.
The Airport they can fly to from their respective places is two hours from the prospective vacation spot.
Both can drive.  Neither can rent for less than it would cost to make a down payment on a car.

So a torturous round about journey by the rest of us will have to begin.

The Easy Car (We’ll call Car 1 from now on), will go from home to vacation with me and six youngest.

Car 2, the New Car purchased to allow this to possibly even happen, and to help train would be drivers and get Child B to work and school this summer,  will carry Husband and second oldest child as company to the airport where Child A will land.   Child A has the key mailed last week.

Car 3 will follow Car 2 with Oldest and a sibling for company, and pick up husband and second oldest and they will arrive at vacation.

This is Day 1.   I’m not kidding.  Look. I made a chart.

Day 2:   Child A flies to airport, and finds car she has never seen, and drives it to vacation spot she’s never driven to before.
Day 3:  Child B drives oldest child’s car (This would be his car –car 4) to his classes and back.
Day 4:  Child B drives oldest child’s car, at home, no worries.
Day 5:  Child A drives Car 3 –to airport she came from, parks and locks, will mail key back to us.
Child B drives Car 4 to airport near school, parks it, flies to airport where Car 3 is, with spare key, and drives Car 3 to vacation spot where he has also never driven.
Day 6:  We all exhale and relax.  Tomorrow, we leave.
Day 7:  Car 1 takes me and 4 youngest, from vacation back to home.
Car 2 drives with husband and two middle children, from vacation to home.
Car 3 drives with remaining 3 (2 adults and one non driving adult) to airport where Child B left car, so oldest can drive his car (Car 4) back home and then Car 3 party of 2, drive home as well.

Mind you, all of this is subject to traffic, weather, and airline cancelations.

Day 8 We decide never to leave the house again.   EVER.

P.S. For those of you attempting to work the GRE problem, it’s made up, there isn’t a solution and we’re back home.

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