Still Summer

Still Summer August 16, 2022

Attention retailers! It is August 16th. There are still days of summer to be seized, ice cream to be eaten, and lounging at the pool that must be done. Stop pumpkin spicing everything.

I am a big believer in enjoying summer. Fall with its cold chills, homework and set schedules will be here soon enough –when pumpkin spice will be a warming respite from the requirements of the day. Right now, it is an intrusion.

We don’t insist on foisting lemonade and popsicles on Spring or Winter, or hot cocoa on July –it’s only summer that gets this spice related power grab before we’re even close to the season. Okay, retailers do sell swimsuits in March –but everyone ignores that except those who sign up for summer activities like it’s a competitive sport. the rest of us normies believe in enjoying the season we’re in, rather than hyperventilating about the one to come. I want opening day to be opening day, with hot dogs and cracker jack and all of that, and I want football in September, with apple cider and roasted vegetables. But summer should be savored like a large wafflecone of soft serve, or floating down a lazy river –and there is no room for pumpkin spice in that mix, not even as an ice cream. Sorry, no. It’s good, and I’ll love it come October, but it’s August so hands off my summer!

Thank you. I’m going to have an iced lemonade now…and ignore all the back to school ads for another week.

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