In the Past Ten Days…I’ve…

In the Past Ten Days…I’ve… September 25, 2022

This is not ten truths and a lie…this is the last two weeks going backwards…and mind you, I’m forgetting stuff.

Sunday 9/25 –went to the O’s Astro’s game.  Left with the score 1-0 in the 6th after lightning and a downpour that felt like it would end the game. It didn’t but we didn’t know that in advance.

Saturday 9/24 –Cross Country for Paul and Anna at 8 am.  Evening at Nat’s park in Washington, DC to enjoy the Farewell Concert Tour of Elton John. If you get the chance, it’s a great show.

His latest:

Yes, the video is pretty trippy, feeling like a combination of “The Little Prince” and Saturday Morning Cartoons under the influence of whatever created Hasbro’s Puff and Stuff but the song is good.   We sang along. It was great fun and what impressed us most, was the sheer volume of talent and musical skill on stage –when you heard the bios of the band, there must have been at least two hundred and fifty years worth of musical experience playing on that stage in a mere seven people.

Friday, September 23rd:  Daughter made the play, got the part she wanted.  We went out to dinner with friends (we never do that).  I noticed a trend at restaurants, bread with something on top of it.  I’ll charitably call them bread nachos –but real nachos are much better.    Daughter went to a friend’s school’s homecoming game.

Thursday September 22nd: I took the day so I could go to a funeral, and to a doctor’s appointment that afternoon.  Meds are doing good things, all my levels were nice.    Our daughter also flew home from South Korea after a three week trip!

Wednesday September 21st:  Finally caught up from last weekend on things…ordered Tex-Mex because I misread the email, and thought our daughter was coming home a day earlier than she did.   Oh dear, we have to eat fajitas.

Tuesday, September 20th: It’s the anniversary of the day Marc proposed.  We wrote notes to each other.  We are tired from the trip we had this past week, but boy was it fun.  Still celebrating Paul’s birthday –which happened last Saturday.   More cake.

Monday September 19th: Hit the ground running on Monday at work, and that evening, had a meeting at Saint Martin’s to help plan the Mission Sunday for our parish.  Daughter auditioned for play.

Sunday 18th: Spent Morning with friends, saw the Reins for Life where our friend volunteers.  Went to lunch in Chicago with daughter and her boyfriend.  Everything was delicious.   Flew back in the evening.
May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and stadium

Saturday 17th: Paul’s Birthday and Game day! Saw the band step off, walked around campus, went to the game, screamed the Irish to victory.  Went to mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and had pizza and birthday cake to celebrate Paul’s 14th with our very good friends.
May be an image of 1 person, cake and indoor
Friday September 16th:  Spent the morning with our daughter in Chicago, lunch overlooking skyline at Cindy’s, and a walk through the park to the Bean, and the museum.  We saw the miniatures –they were incredible.   Drove to Southbend and ate dinner at Macri’s –which is where we had our first date back in September of 1984.

Thursday, September 15th: Worked, flew to Chicago in the evening –Marc, Paul and me.   There was a parade or festival that blocked almost every street to our hotel, but we made it eventually.

Wednesday, September 14th:  Worked, prepped for trip the next day.

I’m stopping here but am explaining, this is why writing has been such a scarcity in my life.   Things slow down now…we just have to plan a birthday for a 17 year old (in 10 days), prep for Halloween and Homecoming, while working, taking two kids to cross country and one to basketball practice every week.   Somewhere in there is grading papers, prepping, dental appointments, haircuts, driving lessons and sleep.   Maybe next Tuesday…

All of which is to say, I am very blessed.  I’ve been playing a lot. It has been fun.  I’ve also realized, I’d like to pace myself a little better.

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