The Road We Take

The Road We Take October 13, 2022

We are always on the road that goes ever ever on,
and it is always both the narrow gate
and the wide and easy part of our journey.

The sufferings of yesterday, we can bear and ponder,
for the lessons we extract from their being completed.
However the pains of today, still puzzle.

We are forever being meeked, forever being given
the opportunity to cling to the cross rather than merely
observe it being offered. This is the hard grace of suffering.

To be part of the redemption, is to enter into the blood soaked cracks of the tree,

to let ourselves weather the splinters and scourges, the scars and the words,
the spittle and the grit, the howling rage of every soul including our own.

Our God lets Himself be pierced, that we might enter through His wounds
and there heal our own in His Body, in His Blood.

Nothing else will satisfy, and nothing other than this, will redeem us.
It is His offer to us, to always go deeper and deeper in than the lance ever could,
into the loving sacred safety of His infinite heart.

It is the road we’re offered, the moment we take a single step towards Christ.

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