Did Brock Lesnar Ruin the UFC for Me?

Did Brock Lesnar Ruin the UFC for Me? July 15, 2009

Hands down Brock Lesnar might be one of the most intimidating dudes on the planet! The 6′ 3”, 265 lb Mixed Martial Arts fighter is a monster in the ring. His defeat of Frank Mir – a UFC fighter he originally lost to in his first ever UFC appearance – proved just how powerful a fighter he is. But it was his antics after the fight last Saturday that were even more disturbing.

The UFC has had a long battle to earn its place as a recognized and semi-credible sport. Originally it was billed as a “blood sport,” which led some to lable it as “human cock-fighting.” Since current President Dana White took control, however, the sport has become more respected. Its atheletes represent not only top notch professionals, but also good sportsmen. Brock Lesnar, however, concluded his fight by flipping off the audience, taunting the broken-nosed Frank Mir, criticizing UFC’s sponsors, and discussing his sex life. It was a spectacle and, accoridng to UFC president, an embarassment.

As a Christian who has really enjoyed watching the UFC, part of my defense of the sport has been the good sportsmanship, and atheleticism of MMA. The fighters don’t usually have a hatred for one another, nor do they have any real interest in killing or critically imparing one another. In light of those points I have been able to suggest that Christians can watch this sport just as they would any other: with a desire for good atheletic displays. I have contrasted that with the view others take of the sport as a bloody display of human depravity. Lesnar’s hatred, poor sportsmanship, and general vicisiouness throw a wrench into my justifications and will send me back to the drawing board on consideration of this sport.

Lesnar apologized after the fight in a press conference, saying his adrenaline carried him away. The apology seemed less than earnest, but it was an apology. My hope is that one man’s stupidity won’t ruin the sport, only time will tell. As it does I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the matches, both for enjoyment and for careful consideration of its morality.

All Christians need to be ready to continually re-evaluate things such as the UFC. As culture changes Christians must continue to evaluate those changes in light of Scripture. Just because it was morally acceptable once doesn’t mean it will remain so in light of cultural changes. If we decide, however, that it’s not okay to watch the UFC, I don’t think I’ll tell Brock…who knows what he’d do.

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