Podcast #86: The Almost Perfect Game, the World Cup, and Izzo.

Podcast #86: The Almost Perfect Game, the World Cup, and Izzo. June 18, 2010

They may not seem like issues with any sort of deeper cultural implications, but the near-perfect baseball game, the World Cup, and the whole Lebron/Izzo story can make us think about some pretty important issues for Christians and sports fans alike. In this episode, Ben and Rich discuss those issues… even though Rich had to work real hard to care.

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  • Kielat

    I wanted to add something in defense of Tom Izzo. This past week, Izzo decided to stay at Michigan State (good choice) over leaving to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, I think to assume that Izzo’s motives in a potential move to the NBA were based on greed and a lust for glory might not be true.

    In any profession, isn’t it a normal desire to accomplish success at the highest level of that profession? Maybe Tom Izzo thought there was a chance that Lebron was staying in Cleveland and saw that he had an opportunity to coach one of the best basketball players alive at the highest level of basketball. If you love coaching basketball, wouldn’t that be a great opportunity and a normal desire to have?

    I don’t know Tom Izzo, so maybe he is greedy and obsessed with his own glory and legacy, but it also might be that he really wants to be a great basketball coach and saw an even more appealing opportunity to accomplish that.

  • Yeah, I don’t think we meant to say that Izzo truly was being greedy or had a lust for glory. We probably weren’t clear enough about that. We were just trying to think about what sorts of things a person might struggle with in that situation in general. Mainly I agree with you.

  • Kiel

    By the way, I can’t wait until the next time we play Catan! It sounds like it will be a whole new experience!

  • I’m pretty sure I will forget and screw it up.

  • David Dunham

    That’s all you have to say about the World Cup! “It’s an interesting news item.” And you found more to say about the Tigers pitcher than about the World Cup! I think this is clearly nothing more than the bias of the commentators. *shaking my head in dismay*

  • Tch, yeah! “Interesting”?? I think somebody’s far over-estimating the value of the World Cup.

  • David, I’m waiting on your incisive and enlightening article about the world cup!