The CaPC Lance Armstrong Roundup

The CaPC Lance Armstrong Roundup January 18, 2013

Last night, Lance Armstrong sent shockwaves around the world with his confession to Oprah.

Maybe shockwaves is too strong of a word. Ripple? No—still too much. I’m going with flutter, because, really, we’ve all known for some time now that Armstrong was guilty of something. We just didn’t know exactly what.

Here at CaPC, our writers have watched the Armstrong story unfold, offering insights to why our heroes fall and why competitors are pressured to cheat. In case you missed them along the way, here’s a roundup:

The Opponent that Lance Armstrong Has Yet to Master by Brad Williams

Invisible Ethics in the Tour de France by Erin Newcomb

The Holy Huddle: Lance and Roger, Ethics and Legality, Competition and Fairness by Doug Hankins

And be sure to watch for next week’s CaPC feature article from Benjamin Bartlett on the most recent Armstrong flutter.

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