God And Country Music: New Avett Brothers Album Means Only Good Things

God And Country Music: New Avett Brothers Album Means Only Good Things August 9, 2013

Image: Avett Brothers

Yesterday, the Avett Brothers announced a new single and an upcoming albumMagpie and the Dandelions. After only about a year since their last release, The Avett Brothers are cranking out another album and that is good news for fans because, really, a bad Avett Brothers album is still a good album. Their last album The Carpenter was a bad Avett Brothers album compared to 2009’s I And Love And You or 2004’s Mignonette, but it still has some of the most beautiful songs of 2012 on it. Really, it’s hard not to like them, and because of that The Avett Brothers are my favorite apologetic for Americana music.

What make the Avett Brothers such a wonderful group is their consistency and their heart. In a culture where anything goes, the traditionalist heart of the Avett Brothers is refreshing. But it is not a judgmental, mean traditionalism. The Avett Brothers represent traditionalism full of love, acceptance, and intelligence.

Their popularity is an amazing testimony to the power of goodness. Their quintessential goodness is compelling to folks who think Americana music is about as appealing as wheat germ. And their quality has won over even the most traditionalist Americana snobs, despite their unorthodox sound. This rare (and ever-growing) combination of mass appeal and quality makes The Avett Brothers one of the best acts of the last decade. I really think this album could be the one that blows up… or at least I hope it is!

Their newest single “Another is Waiting” is classic Avett Brothers; a lovely banjo, great songwriting, and two minutes of pure loveliness. Listen to it here on NPR. The new album is due out October 15th and it’ll be worth your while, fan or no.


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