The Church and Resegregated Schools: A Must Read Sample of CaPC Magazine

The Church and Resegregated Schools: A Must Read Sample of CaPC Magazine August 12, 2013

Image: Seth Hahne

Online, everything is free, legally or not. And everyone has an opinion on everything. So why should you support CaPC by subscribing to Christ and Pop Culture Magazine?

Here are six good reasons:

1. Because of our exclusive, featured articles. If you’ve come to enjoy our thoughtful, in-depth features, you can still find them on the website. But our best work is exclusive to CaPCMag. Each issue comes with two exclusive features written and edited specifically for the app. This is smart, Christian longform journalism.

Here’s what Russell Moore, President of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, had to say about the content of CaPCMag:

“Christ and Pop Culture is not the sort of magazine one reads a bit at the time, even if one wants to. The articles prompt one to engage–reflecting with them, arguing with them–until one recognizes the whole issue is read. When I agree, and when I disagree, this magazine always makes me think things through in unexpected ways about issues I might have otherwise missed.”

We’ve made these two, exclusive features available for you as examples of the kind of content you will find in CaPCMag:

Star Trek’s Final Frontier: the Darkness of the Human Heart:

Star Trek’s Final Frontier: the Darkness of the Human Heart

Geoffrey Reiter explores how the depiction of the human heart and our propensity toward evil has changed over Roddenberry’s series. Read the full article, here . . .

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South:

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

Tyler Glodjo tackles a challenging issue: across the American South, schools continue to be segregated by race lines. Christian private schools often lead to a segregation of white and black students, by pulling white students from public schools. Glodjo raises the question: if we care about racial reconciliation and multi-ethnic churches, shouldn’t our kids live in community? Read the full article here. . .

2.Because you appreciate what we do and want to see it continue and improve. Editing, curating, managing, creating, writing, administrating, and promoting CaPC is a lot of work, and we do it gladly because we love the church and want to edify her. But our resources are limited. Right now, if you want to support our ministry financially, subscribing to CaPCMag is the only option.

3. Because it’s a beautiful reading experience. Our publisher, 29th Street Publishing, has developed a simple, intuitive iOS app to make reading easier. The pages aren’t crowded with ads. You aren’t enticed to surf the Internet while you read. It’s just you and the text. You know, kinda like books.

4. Because when you do, you help pay the writers and illustrator for their hard work. Right now, all the support we receive goes directly to administrative costs (Apple, our publisher, and that government) and the writers and illustrator for each issue. So, when you subscribe, you can know that you are supporting the content creators.

5. Because it’s curated. At CaPC we try to cover the most important cultural issues of the day, plus less popular topics that we feel will edify the church. That means that each week we put out a lot of content. On top of that, we have nearly six years of articles in our back catalogue, many of which are still relevant! Each issue, we include three of the best articles from the previous two weeks at CaPC and one older article that you might have missed.

6. Because culture matters, whether you think about it or not. A major part of our mission is seeking to make Christians more aware of the culture that they already participate in, more conscious of the gravity of their cultural preferences, and more sensitive to the effects of our cultural assumptions. CaPCMag is one way we hope to edify the Church by cultivating wiser, more discerning, more loving, and more biblical was of being in culture.

If you do not have an iOS device to download the app, let us know if you’d be interested in purchasing a version on some other device. The more interest is shown, the faster we can make it available.

We have some exciting issues planned for the coming month, and we’d like you to enjoy them, so please consider subscribing. And if you already subscribe, please review it in the App Store!

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