My Perspective or God’s Perspective?

My Perspective or God’s Perspective? June 17, 2023

Do we ever ask ourselves, “Is it my perspective or God’s perspective?” Why seek the Lord’s guidance in life-changing events but do our own thing with everyday life? When are we allowed free autonomy, and when are we expected to seek our heavenly Father’s will? How are we choosing to look at things?

God’s Way, My Way, or the Highway

the view from above spies a serpentine road through a colorful, fall forest
An eagle’s view/ Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger/

We’ve all been there. Disaster, conflict, and a deep-seated need for rescue from life’s circumstances. There comes the point when we know we need help when we acknowledge that our understanding and ability will not get us through the mountain we are facing. 

Clarity becomes crystal clear in those situations. The truth is unavoidable. 

Only God can get us out of the problem, overcome our obstacles, and restore us completely. Because if we stubbornly forced our way forward, we would be hurt, the people in our life would be hurt, and once through the crucible, we would carry the painful consequences of our actions and decisions. 

In these tumultuous times of turmoil and dismay, it is easy to turn to our heavenly Father for guidance. When we face overwhelming odds, turning it over to the one who created everything is simple. God’s Way is the only path to freedom. As my kids say, “A no-brainer.”

Unless you’re obstinate and hard-headed like I have been in the past. 

You Will Understand When You Are a Parent

a father hold his child on his shoulders and shares his point of view of nature's beauty
A parent’s perspective shared/Photo by Tatiana Syrikova/

 How many times have we heard those words growing up? Oh, you were the perfect kid? Well … I wasn’t quite the image of the perfect child. I questioned my parents. Disobeyed rules that made little to no sense. I reinterpreted their commands to fit my narrative. I’m sure none of you did that.

“Don’t stay up all night.” We all know what that means. But the youthful me preferred my understanding. I heard, “Be in bed by 11:58 p.m.” because at 11:59 p.m. I was in bed. This way, I wasn’t up the entire night since I was in bed a minute before the night was officially over. 

I was technically obedient as long as I looked at it from my perspective. 

What about bedtime? Time for bed is usually set at a specific time during school days. Parents worldwide expect their children to go to sleep when bedtime arrives. However, this meant I needed to be in bed but not necessarily asleep. I could read, write, and play with my G.I. Joes. Sleep would come on my terms as long as I obeyed the law to the letter. 

As a parent of 5 kids, I often hear my mother’s words coming out of my mouth. Now I finally understand the rules and commands given to me as a child. 

Don’t jump on the bed isn’t me not wanting my kids to have fun; it’s a rule to keep them safe from harm. Going to sleep on school nights is meant for them to be refreshed for class. Not to punish them. Eating all your food, including those vegetables, is not a maniacal command from a power-drunk parent but a desire for your children to get the nutrients needed to grow and stay healthy.

As a child, these rules were cruel and unusual punishment. As a parent, my perspective has shifted. 

So next time we question God and seek to find wiggle room in our interpretation of His rules, maybe we should step back and ask God to show us His perspective. After all, He is our heavenly Father and has a parental perspective that we, as His children, may not understand. Jeremiah says the Lord wants peace in our lives, not evil. 

The question is, will we continue using our perspective, or will we trust the Lord and look from God’s perspective?

Are We Lost? Do We Need to Stop & Ask For Directions?

An unhappy driver who refuses any help amuses his passenger
Distraught Driver/Photo by Cottonbro Studio/

How often have we been driving and become uncertain we are headed in the right direction? Of course, our passengers are always quick to point out their doubts about our ability. And all that does is make us double down on our choices. 

We pull a Gandalf. “You shall not pass!”

That didn’t end well for him.

We also know that in combat, the high ground is favorable. Just ask Anakin Skywalker

But seriously, we understand why the higher view is better. All we can see on the ground is the line of sight. A higher perspective includes our current location and what is yet to come from our distant surroundings. 

I usually turn on my GPS when I go on a road trip. And sometimes, I’m directed to go a different route. Now obviously, I know best. First of all, I’m human. Secondly, I’m the one driving, so my opinion is the one that matters most. Lastly, I don’t need help getting where I’m going.

How often do we treat God the same way?

There is a reason Deuteronomy says that while we were in the deserted wastelands, God came to us like an eagle and raised us. When we are obedient, we mount up with wings like eagles.

When I’m lost, I don’t want anyone telling me I’m lost. I KNOW!!! But I will never admit it. If I never admit it and never get help, when I finally get where I’m going, I can say I knew where I was all along. 

I do feel bad for my GPS. I yell at it and blame it for my choices. And if my GPS weren’t my phone, I would have tossed it out the window many times. 

How often do I treat God the same way?

I know that hits close to home for me. How? Because it hurts. Truth usually does. If only I had a clear-cut, easily understood instruction from God that I could use in this situation. Ask, and ye shall receive.

Trust the Lord wholeheartedly, stop trusting only in myself, and give it all to God, and He will lead me. A paraphrasing

Final Thoughts

Too often, I try to do things my way and through my understanding. I’m pretty sure we can all guess how things turn out. From our earthly perspective, we put our faith in ourselves. We trust ourselves in the natural. When push comes to shove, we put all our eggs in one basket (we are the basket, not to be confused with basket-case). 

It never works out for me. Usually, it’s painful and embarrassing, and everyone sees my mistakes typically before I do. My viewpoint is shortsighted and short-term. And the answers I find are wrong far too often than they are right. By too often, I mean always. 

God sees not just our current situation but what comes afterward. He knows what He has planned for us if we only trust and obey. The first step is acknowledging that our perspective is flawed, shortsighted, and colored by our emotions. But our Creator knows what He has planned for us. He sees where we should go. And He knows what we are called to do. 

All that is required is a change in our perspective to God’s perspective.

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