September 25, 2021

West Franklin Family, I had an encounter with an eight year old boy this week I hope I remember for a long, long time. This young man was like the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus. His young words to me in my office have multiplied in my mind and heart a hundredfold. His parents set up a meeting because their son expressed interest in baptism. I love these conversations. I love hearing children explain the Gospel. I love… Read more

September 21, 2021

It’s a constant refrain. I see it all the time. It’s everywhere. It’s in me and it’s in you. I first noticed it last week when I took on childcare responsibilities for 9 (mostly) preschool age children. At one point during our time together one of them said to me, “Watch how fast I can run!” I did and followed up with, “Wow! You are super-duper fast! How can you go that fast?” I was immediately (a drastic understatement) surrounded… Read more

September 18, 2021

West Franklin Family, I am writing this on a Thursday. Last night I had the incredible privilege of watching nine precious and delightful blessings. (Read: Last night I was forced to babysit nine rowdy, nose-runnin’, constant-bathroom-going children because one of the childcare solutions came down with covid.) We sang. We played. We laughed. We yelled. (Read: I made them all go outside and run off as much energy as possible while I tried – and failed – not to sweat… Read more

September 14, 2021

I am a staunch believer in truth. I believe there is absolute truth. I believe all truth is God’s truth. And, of course, I believe the Bible is truth. While I am at it, I will declare again here that I believe Jesus is the truth. But I believe there might be something more important than truth. Hang with me. . . Many (most?) who read this and hold to truth as I do, arduously hold fast to the rock-solid… Read more

September 11, 2021

West Franklin Family, Literally seconds before I sat down to type this letter an airplane flew over my head. It is a beautiful morning in Franklin, Tennessee. When the weather is like this, I sit outside my office at our campus. Moments ago, an airplane flew over where I am sitting. I think it was a Southwest aircraft. Twenty years later I still find myself haunted by airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City. I am not… Read more

September 5, 2021

West Franklin Family, If you are new to West Franklin, or regularly attend the 10:30 service you may not know him. But if you continue participating, you will soon enough. On Sunday morning’s at 9 am, he sits to the left of the stage (from where I stand) three or four rows from the front. He’s usually sitting with four or five ladies, one of which he is pretty sweet on. (And from what I hear, she’s pretty sweet on… Read more

September 4, 2021

West Franklin Family, Last Friday I receive a text from one of you. The text read: “Hey Matt – HAPPY FRIDAY!! Random question for you. . . We are thinking about taking the kids and the grill to Waverly and doing burgers and hotdogs for whoever. Do you happen to have any contacts we can reach out to, to see where we can go?” I immediately emailed several people I thought might help, copying this person on the message. Within… Read more

August 31, 2021

I am not sure exactly how it works. I can’t (yet) quite explain the inner dynamics of it all. But it’s true. If you’re married, your relationship with God and your relationship with your spouse are linked. After Peter gives his readers admonitions about marriage, he closes the section (specifically to husbands) by saying, “so that nothing will hinder your prayers” (1 Peter 3:7). His point? If you aren’t careful and considerate in how you treat your spouse, conversations with… Read more

August 28, 2021

West Franklin Family, I can’t watch the television series The Chosen. I hope you can. I hope you love it. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you learn much about the life of Jesus from viewing it. From the bit I have seen and the reviews I have read, The Chosen is an extremely well arranged, well produced, and an (mostly) accurate biblical portrayal of Jesus from the Gospels. One of my children watches it. Many of you have… Read more

August 24, 2021

I am hearing it from every which way. Left. Right. Up. Down. Sideways. Side door. Front door. Back door. I am sure you are too. Church members in Tennessee are asking. Church members I pastored in Arkansas and Louisiana are asking. Friends and family in Alabama are asking. “What should we do and/or think about masks and vaccines?” Or, “What’s the right thing to do here?” Or, “Bro. Matt, I don’t know what to think or who do believe! What… Read more

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