25 Questions for Lazarus

25 Questions for Lazarus July 16, 2021

We don’t know much about the man Lazarus. What we do know is he was a good friend of Jesus. He got very sick. He died. He was in a tomb for four days. Jesus raised him from the dead. He had dinner with Jesus post-resurrection. His new life caused a religious stir. But about the man himself? We don’t know much.

I would love to know more details than what is in the biblical account. I know and believe the Bible is sufficient. Yes and Amen. But sometimes I would like to know more. Wouldn’t you?

For instance, if I had the chance, I would die (pun intended) to be able to ask Lazarus…

  1. What did you think when Jesus didn’t rush to heal your sickness immediately?
  2. Did you ever wonder why he was letting you die?
  3. What did you do during the four days you were dead?
  4. Did you get to talk to loved ones who had passed on before you?
  5. How did you hear Jesus’ voice and obey the command to rise from the dead?
  6. Did you know what had happened, immediately? Or did it take a few minutes to orient yourself?
  7. What did your body smell like? Were there many flies?
  8. Were the grave clothes heavy?
  9. Were you hungry? What was your first post-death-and-resurrection meal?
  10. Was it difficult to walk? Did you need to stretch?
  11. What was the first thing you did after you got dressed in normal clothes?
  12. How long did it take you to fall asleep that first night back from the dead?
  13. When Jesus came for dinner, what were you thinking? What did you say to Jesus? What did Jesus say to you?
  14. Was it confusing to watch your sister prepare for burial the man who resurrected you?
  15. Did you ever want to go back to where you were pre-resurrection?
  16. How was your life different? Did you still get stressed over small things?
  17. Did you laugh at the religious leaders who wanted to kill you (again)? Did you want to tell them to go ahead and try?
  18. Did you view death different the second time around?
  19. When people asked you what happened, how did you describe it?
  20. Did you immediately become famous? Did people want to touch you?
  21. Did you treat your sisters any different post-resurrection?
  22. Did you get a job? Why? Did you view your career in a different light? How so?
  23. What did you tell the disciples about Jesus? What did they ask you? Were they different after they saw you?
  24. John never records anything about your life. Any words you said. Any of your actions. Is this because he wanted to give us a picture of salvation, that it isn’t dependent on us . . . at all?
  25. If you could tell me anything about Jesus, what would it be?

What would YOU want to ask Lazarus, given the opportunity?

[I got this idea from Max Lucado’s “25 Questions for Mary” from his book God Came Near.]

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