Buzzed: A Letter to West Franklin

Buzzed: A Letter to West Franklin August 21, 2021
West Franklin Family,
It’s how I felt leaving a meeting this week.
No, I had not been drinking anything with alcohol. No, I had not been smoking anything. And, no, I had not used any new and unique oil in any way, shape, form, or fashion.
There was simply an energy on campus. There was a buzz of excitement I hadn’t felt in a while.
Maybe it is because both services were full on Sunday morning and – combined with our on-line viewership – West Franklin worshipped with over 500 people.
Maybe it is because I attended the choir lunch Sunday afternoon and saw several new faces and heard Brad cast vision for the future of music ministry here.
Maybe it is because I continue to get emails from you with how God has been good, loving, and trustworthy.
Maybe it is because our new Administrative Assistant – Kiersten Wolff – started this week. If you know her, she brings her own amount of buzz and energy!
Maybe it is because we are offering our first ever “New Here Luncheon” this Sunday after the second service – for all the guests we continue to see week after week.
Maybe it is because ministries like GriefShare and groceries for Natchez and Oak Cottage are growing and ministering in particular ways.
Maybe it is because we have learned we are able to search for and hire a Full-Time person for our NextGen ministry. (Read that again – it’s TRUE!)
Maybe it is because I am still thrilled to have baptized Emily McMahan on Sunday morning.
Maybe it is because groups meeting on our campus are literally bursting at the seems – with people and excitement.
Maybe it is because I keep hearing how many of you are starting additional groups off campus, in your neighborhoods.
Maybe it is because I am beyond excited for you to hear the news tomorrow of some big things happening on our campus later this Fall.
Maybe it is because I cannot wait to talk about God as our Redeemer with you tomorrow morning.
Or maybe the buzz was a cocktail of all of the above (see what I did there?)? (Grin)
Covid numbers are rising. Debates over masks continue. Arguments over vaccines persist. So I may regret saying what I am about to say (or type). Dear Lord, I don’t want to go backwards!  But at the moment, there is a buzz in the air about moving forward as a church family I haven’t felt it in a long, long time. Notice how I worded that last sentence (go ahead and take a moment to read it again). I did NOT say, “There is a buzz in the air about going back to normal.” No. No. No. No. I do not want to go back to normal in the sense of ministry as usual. I don’t think you do either. At least that’s not the buzz I am feeling. I do want to move forward, together, eager to worship God and engage broken people with the whole Gospel of Jesus.
This is a good and healthy buzz. A buzz that allows you to legally get in your car and drive. A buzz that it isn’t about just being busy with ministry again. A buzz excited about attending to God and what He is doing in and around us in Franklin. A feeling – not because we are getting back to normal. A feeling, rather, that realizes God is indeed at work and is inviting us to join Him. I like these buzzes. And, as your pastor, I feel safe encouraging you to get buzzed. (Again, grin.)
I’ll see you in the morning with my Bible open to Isaiah 44:21-24.
Beyond Excited,
Pastor Matt

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