Greenies, Eddie, and the Provision of God: A Letter to West Franklin

Greenies, Eddie, and the Provision of God: A Letter to West Franklin November 13, 2021
West Franklin Family,
I noticed something Thursday morning. Something unique. Something convicting. Eddie (as in, Eddie the dog) knows there is always going to be a Greenie for him pre-breakfast. He’s sure of it. He has zero doubt one is going to be handed to him by yours truly. Each and every morning when I get in from my walk, he knows what time it is. All I have to say is, “want to eat?” and he is ALL IN. As I make my way to his empty bowl and stroll toward the pantry where we keep his food and treats – his eyes watch my every move, his ears point to the ceiling, and his fluffy white tail wags back and forth. The wag gets faster and faster the closer I get to his stash. I tease, “Eddie want food?” His long tongue licks his whiskers. I open the giant tupperware container where we keep his goods. He knows what is first: the Greenie. The treat promising dental health that, I am convinced does nothing but satisfy a ravenous dog for a couple of brief seconds. (Seriously – his teeth are nasty.) Eddie knows the first thing I give him before I pour his bowl full of dog food goodness is an overpriced treat called a Greenie. He snatches it from my hand with his teeth and scurries off to enjoy it in the middle of the den while I prepare his breakfast. I am not sure what gets him more excited: the Greenie in his mouth; the food bowl awaiting; or a UPS worker coming to the door. Eddie simply knows a Greenie is going to be handed to him every single morning.
Thursday morning I noticed we were almost out of the delicious (to him) treats. I made a mental note to grab a box the next time I went to the store. Heaven forbid Eddie have to eat his breakfast without a luscious green appetizer. I would hate to have to try to explain to my spoiled rotten canine that he had to skip the treat and go straight to his breakfast bowl. Perish the thought. Thus, to ensure his morning delight remained uninterrupted, I made sure to replenish the near empty bag. In Eddie’s mind, there is always – ALWAYS – going to be a Greenie to grab from my hand each and every morning.
Let’s think about that for a moment, West Franklin. Your pastor – who doesn’t even consider himself a dog person – ensures that his beloved dog (okay, okay – I do love Eddie) never-ever-ever has to be greeted without a Greenie before breakfast. Eddie has never doubted there will be a luscious green faux dental treat available to him when I walk to the pantry with his food bowl. Never. He trusts it will be there because he trusts in the provider.
If I do this for my dog. . .
Do I really have to finish the sentence?
If I do this for Eddie, why in the world would I EVER think my loving Father would not provide for me? If I have to make a special trip to the store to ensure Eddie has a pre-breakfast snack, how could I ever think God – who possesses everything – would not do whatever it takes to ensure my provision? Jesus Himself made a similar argument about a father and his son. If a sinful father takes care of his child, we better know God will take care of His. It’s even more pertinent when talking about an owner and his dog!
I would never NOT provide for my children as long as it was dependent on me to do so.
I don’t even NOT provide a treat for my dog!
If I – ME – would do these things for my children and pet, how much MORE will the heavenly Father take care of His beloved children?
I know it may not seem like it sometimes. I know it may not feel like it sometimes. I know it doesn’t always appear to be true. But it is. Whatever it is going on in your life right now – the Father has not failed to go to the store to provide it. The Father is not intentionally seeking to make your life miserable. In fact, that opposite is true. You can guarantee that everything and anything happening in and around your life is happening because the Father IS providing. It may take Him longer than you like to get from the empty bowl to the pantry, but He is moving. He even works while we sleep to over-guarantee our provision and care. Eddie is sure there will be a green treat waiting for his drooling mouth every morning. If this is the case for Eddie. . .
Rest today. God hasn’t forgotten to refill the bag. You can watch with anticipation, knowing it’s coming. Trust it. No, that’s not quite right. Trust HIM.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to walk so I can get back and, well, you know. I’ll see you in the morning with my Bible open to Philippians 4:10-14.
Praise to our Provider,
Pastor Matt

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