Setting the Table: A Letter for West Franklin

Setting the Table: A Letter for West Franklin February 5, 2022
West Franklin Family,
There is a biblical image running through my mind on this first Saturday of February. When I think of what will go on at West Franklin this month, my mind explodes with excitement. Here’s the image: Elijah having servants pour gallons and gallons of water on an altar atop Mt. Carmel. To make the point of the supremacy of his God compared to the false god Baal, he asked that the altar be soaked with water. When all was fully drenched, he would cry out to his God (Yahweh) with confidence the altar would burn with fire from heaven. The image in my mind, however, is Elijah getting the altar ready for God to act. He, in other words, was setting the table. He arranged everything he could, knowing if God didn’t act, nothing would happen. (See 1 Kings 18:20-46)
February 2022 is a month of “setting the table” – if you will – at West Franklin. Putting an “altar” in place where we ask God to powerfully move. Putting an “altar” in place where we expect God to powerfully move.
Consider. . .
All signs point to the fact that we will be able to worship together in the newly renovated worship center by Sunday morning, February 27th. We have already scheduled a HUGE-BLOWOUT Family Gathering for that night. Chuy’s. Mike Glenn. All of us. New chairs and tables. Celebration. We are setting the table for God to act and show us – together – His glory.
Josh Lynn was just approved by the BBC Trustees to come on FULL-TIME at West Franklin as our Missions and Connections Minister! Josh has been incredibly patient, loyal, is a hard worker, and zealous for others to know Jesus. Our mission as a church is to engage the whole person with the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ – anywhere, anytime, with anybody. Now we will get a FULL-TIME version of Josh as he equips and helps us position ourselves to engage the lost and searching with the Gospel. The table is being set for a move of the Holy Spirit as we prepare ourselves for Gospel growth.
Beginning tomorrow night (February 6th), FOURTEEN men and women will be trained as potential group leaders for our church. They will be shown what a group is and looks like. They will be equipped at how to lead groups of people in our “Disciples-Making Disciples” strategy. They will be prepared to – if the Lord wills – facilitate groups on the front lines of advancing the Gospel here in Franklin. They are helping set the table for God to allow us to join Him in His mission.
There is a very strong possibility West Franklin will have a FULL-TIME NextGen Minister in place by the end of the month. This process started back in June of 2021. It’s been long. It’s been arduous. It’s been frustrating. It’s been illuminating. We are close. This person is being hired to help West Franklin build a long-term, healthy ministry for our children and students. This person is being hired to help equip parents to be the primary disciple-makers for their kids. This person will, you guessed it, help set the table for the birth-12th grade guys and gals at West Franklin. Help set the table for the Holy Spirit to powerfully raise up a generation who know, love, and walk in obedience to Jesus.
Think about that. Newly renovated worship center. Full-time Missions and Connections. A strong group of men and women preparing to lead groups. A Full-Time Next-Gen minister. All in one month (potentially). Wow. Please note – these things and these people do not guarantee a move of the Spirit. But they better enable us set the table in order to be ready when He does, indeed, move.
Elijah had the altar doused with water. He called out to God. The rest is history. Yahweh revealed His reality to the prophets of Baal on that mountain. With fire from heaven, the water was all licked up and the altar burnt to a crisp. Yahweh – He is God. The Father could have done it without Elijah. The Father could have done it without an altar. The Father could have done without water soaking the altar. But in this instance, when everything was set – He heard Elijah’s cry and revealed His powerful reality.  (See 1 Kings 18:20-46)
West Franklin, the table is being set. The circumstances and people are being put in place. Would you ask the Father to show us what He is doing in and around us? Would you ask Him, not so much to join us in what we have arranged; but to show us how to use what He has given us to join HIM in what He’s already doing? Ask Him to give us eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart that is open to His kingdom reign. To be sure, the table is being set. Thank You, Father. Now let’s all be expectant as we look for Him to do those things that only He can do.
Speaking of setting the table, for the Christian – every Sunday is a “feast day” as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Tomorrow morning, my Bible will be open to John 6:16-21. Lord willing, I will see you all either at 8 AM (choir room), 9:00 AM, or 10:30 AM (fellowship hall).
Because Jesus Has Invited Us Along,
Pastor Matt
FYI – As you prepare to watch the SUPER BOWL, make sure you participate in West Franklin’s SOUPER BOWL!!!

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