Jesus Other Name Is ‘Merica

Jesus Other Name Is ‘Merica February 21, 2019

Crucified between two thieves

named Canada and Mexico

the one penitent and contrite

the other mocking and cold as hell


‘Merica calls out to Father God

“Help me in my unbelief”

“Father, I have sinned”

“Invest. Invest. Invest. Invest.”


The crowd is of two minds

With ‘Merica it’s always thus

Half cry out, “He deserved this.”

The other, “Help the poor guy.”


Some time later, the blood and gore

stinking up the ground and poles

Jesus takes third shift to clean it all

working deep into the atoning night


Other ones, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

dig shallow graves (tight budgets now)

for ‘Merica, Canada, Mexico

“We are North American scum” after all


Later, at some uncommon hour

first Martha weeps for Canada

then Salome (Shlomi) for Mexico

Even Mary for a ‘Merica (‘Merica)


She isn’t sure it’s her own son

they were separated those years ago

crossing from one place to the next

but she feels it’s him, her Jesus


“I would like to salute

the ashes of American flags”

Mary would like to salute

the ashes of a ‘Merica’s grave


Can we cry now? When can we weep

for a beloved son whose mother

can’t distinguish, whose people can’t

tell the difference, between Jesus and ‘Merica?


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