A Prayer For President Donald Trump

A Prayer For President Donald Trump June 6, 2019

Gracious Lord, I beseech you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, give our President Donald Trump restful sleep.

Help him, in every way, in the exercise of his office, that he might advocate for and support those most in need in our nation, and welcome those abroad most necessarily dependent on our amnesty, security, and care.

Bless him in his family relations. Help him, in the midst of his many duties, to love and serve especially children, mothers in their need, those who serve in his household, and all those who sacrifice daily in their administration of duties related to the work that impacts us all.

Lord God, even in his recreation, give him joy and peace. May his putts fall ever in the hole, and may he find renewed strength in his retreats to return to his office in ways that redound to the betterment of our nation.

May he descend from all towers and engage deeply the beauty of your creation, and protect it.

Turn his worst failings, his most ill-conceived choices, to your kingdom ends. May you, in your divine wisdom, create order of chaos, light out of darkness, clarity out of confusion, love out of hate.

May our president never be a loser inasmuch as he is in you, and may he in particular open his heart, his mind, his entire soul, to the plight of all the losers, all of them.

Lord, you have called us to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us. May our president’s next tweets, all of them, show love of his enemies, and may he do good to those he hates the most.

So too, Lord, invite me into the same, that my prayers illustrate profound love for my enemies and redound to good for those who hate me.

And all for your love’s sake. In Christ,


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