A Blessing For Those Beginning Fall Semester

A Blessing For Those Beginning Fall Semester August 26, 2019

A wandering Aramean was my ancestor (Deuteronomy 26).

Where were they going without ever knowing the way? (Fastball)

“Do you want to have a humble share in perpetuating wisdom among humanity, in gathering up the inheritance of the ages, in formulating the rules of the mind for the present time, in discovering facts and causes, in turning humanity’s wandering eyes towards first causes and their hearts towards supreme ends, in reviving if necessary some dying flame, in organizing the propaganda of truth and goodness? That is the lot reserved for you. It is surely worth a little extra sacrifice; it is worth steadily pursuing with jealous passion.” (Antonin Sertillanges)

May your feet be fleet on the sidewalks,
your minds magnanimous in the moment,
your hearts heavy with the gravity of care,
your hands taken to each the right task,
your interests broad precisely in their focus,
your friendships new and old and interesting,
your diet caffeine-inflected and not on the run,
your syllabi filled to the brim and overflowing.

Because you are free to be there, on that hill,
traveling for the first time long traditions
now new because you’re the traveler.

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